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#28DaysofBlackCosplay is over…all hail #365DaysofBlackCosplay

As always cosplayers of color really showed up and showed out for #28DaysofBlackCosplay. Even though February has ended, it does not mark the end of POC cosplayers who represent and inspire others to do as we do. To as we go forth yet again with the #365DaysofBlackCosplay hashtag, let’s name drop a plethora of cosplayers and photographers of color you should be following.

Raymond Ramos Cosplay


Straight Outta Cosplay

Rocko Dubbs Cosplay

Brownelegz Cosplay


Legend of the DayWalker


Cryptic Cyborg 009

Aracknoid3 Cosplay

Xero Gravity

ManaKnight Cosplay





Photographer – Dana Morgan


Protege Cosplay

BawbMobile Art and Cosplay


Airship Mayhem Cosplay

Late Night Cosplay


Jared Moore (may he rest in peace)


Mr. Walt Oliver


Photographer – Cosmod_splights

Melicious Cosplay






Sailor Nari Cosplay

E3T Creations

Tranquil Ashes Cosplay

Pros and Cons Cosplay

Celeste Tial

Cloud_Happy Cosplay


Let’s also send a big shout to the Photographers(courtesy of Jabarr Lashley King):

Andrew Michael Phillips
Idara Udoh
Dr. LAW’s Photolab
Danique Events
Na’Kia N Hammock
Jeffrey Hall

Lastly I have to shout out SF Design who shot this picture of yours truly, Bishop Cosplay

Take this time and follow these people and more and you will see that there is some true talent out there.

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Armand is a husband, father, and life long comics fan. A devoted fan of Batman and the Valiant Universe he loves writing for PCU, when he's not running his mouth on the PCU podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @armandmhill

1 Comment on #28DaysofBlackCosplay is over…all hail #365DaysofBlackCosplay

  1. I’m sorry about Jared Moore.


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