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Review Brew- Red Hood: Outlaw #30

The truth is about to come out…

Red Hood: Outlaw #30
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Pete Woods
Inks: Rex Lokus
Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Covers: Philip Tan & David Ramos; Pete Woods
Editor: Marie Javins; Rob Levin
DC Comics

Holy crap you guys.

Just… holy crap.

So, remember when Bizarro was dying and Artemis made a deal with Lex, that she absolutely shouldn’t have without talking to Jason and Biz first? Or how about the fact that Solitary has been stalking Jason since the Outlaws officially formed? Then there’s that little thing of Jason and Roy (RIP boo) finding out that The Underlife has been right under their noses for quite some time… Well. All of that comes together in this issue as Jason, recently separated from Kate and Renee, heads off on his own to track down the head of Underlife once and for all. Jason finds all the evidence he and Roy were looking for, and more, as he finally gets to confront Solitary. Unfortunately Jason is going in blind on two very important counts: their familial connection and that Wingman is determined to bring him back to Gotham, not as a prisoner but as the Prince of Gotham that he was always meant to be.

Credit where credit is due, Lobdell has pulled off not one, not two but three Chekhov’s Guns of epic proportions, tying in events that literally happened over 2 years ago to give us this story. The best part? This is clearly just the beginning. It’s brilliant writing and shows that, even when he missteps, Lobdell knows what he’s doing where Jason is concerned and has learned from past mistakes.

As for the artwork, Pete Woods is as dynamic as ever, bringing a dark whimsy to the proceedings that is perfect for any issue where Solitary is involved. One scene in particular is a standout as Jason gets direction in the most interesting of ways.

I’m getting my popcorn ready because the ish is about to hit the fan.

Five Arrows Out of Five

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