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Review Brew – Red Hood And The Outlaws #13

That took a turn…

Red Hood and The Outlaws #13
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Dexter Soy
Colors: Veronica Gandini
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Mike McKone & Romulo Fajardo Jr.; Guillem March
Editor: Diego Lopez; Alex Antone; Marie Javins
Publisher: DC Comics

We pick up where we left off last issue: Bizarro near death, Jason and Artemis utterly heartbroken and Lex showing up. Lex’s arrival heralds a new facet to Bizarro’s story, one that I honestly hadn’t thought about, but one that is extremely important, not just to Bizarro but the Outlaws as a whole.

This issue, in a totally different way, is just as devastating as the one before. We get each of the characters perspectives on Bizarro, including his, and those different viewpoints show just how much of an impact these people have had on each other and how much love all of them (yes, including Lex) have for the Big Guy. It’s what makes their desperation to save him so real but it also makes what happens at the end of this issue really upsetting when you stop and think about it.

I know I rave about Dextor Soy and Veronica Gandini’s artwork every time but I cannot emphasize enough how outstanding their work is. This issue they really, really outdo themselves, starting with Bizarro’s memories (real and false) and then his actual point of view of the events that led to the formation of the Outlaws. Seeing Jason and Artemis through his eyes, how he sees them for who they are – without any preconceived notions or expectations – is so beautiful and that’s in large part thanks to Soy and Gandini’s wonderful work.

One of the best comics of the year continues to raise the bar for everyone else. Five Injections out of Five.

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1 Comment on Review Brew – Red Hood And The Outlaws #13

  1. dudeistmonk // August 11, 2017 at 3:26 pm //

    Loved Lex recalling the other Bizarro. My favourite part was Bizarro remembering Superman’s time in the Just Us League with Night Light, Go-Go, Wet Wet, Rope Lady, Sigh Borg and … Batman (It just cracked me up that every other hero got a childish name but Batman is just Batman. Maybe it’s just me).


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