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The Sartorial Geek: It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time

It seems like we jump from Halloween to Christmas with a very brief pause for Thanksgiving along the way. As we are now in the Christmas season, one of the most guilty of pleasures that the season has to offer had officially reared its “ugly” head.

The ugly Christmas sweater has changed over the years. The modern era no longer sees it as that thing that your drunk uncle used to wear to your holiday dinner, but as a way to inject fun and excitement into the holiday season with a pop culture spin — all while retaining the charm of its classic origin. There are many companies that are putting the a new spin on ugly Christmas sweaters and one of our favorites is Previously mentioned for their DC and Marvel inspired suits, they are one of the companies that are at the forefront of mining the depths of pop culture to the heights of sports entertainment so that no one else will ever call these sweaters ugly.


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