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The Sartorial Geek: Suit up like your favorite DC Hero or Villain

Have you ever wanted to go into a meeting with the power of Superman, Batman, or The Joker on your side? Well, now you can, thanks to Fun Suits’ licensed line of men’s wear. The line is split into three categories; secret identity, alter ego, and authentic. The secret identity suits are normal examples of business wear on the outside, but the inside reveals a lining featuring artwork depicting the character(s) in which the suit is based on. Each suit also comes with a corresponding tie and pocket square to properly complement it. The alter ego suits are normal suits which have been colored and detailed to look like replicas of the actual character costumes. Currently, Batman and Superman are the only heroes offered in the alter ego category in their DC line. The authentic category is specifically tailored to the desires of cosplayers, as they are exact replicas of suits worn by Batman villains Joker and Riddler.


All of the suits are made of a polyester and rayon blend, with the exception of the  alter ego suits, as they are constructed entirely from polyester. This gives the suits the advantage of being a lightweight garment, but it runs the risk of looking cheap because of the materials used. The suits range from $169 for the kid versions, $249 for the adult sizes, to $349 for authentic suits.


The idea and execution of this line of suits is a great way of offering an experience from the House of Ideas to a more “sophisticated” audience. However, the alter ego suits fall flat because, outside of a convention, costume party, or other special event, no one is going to wear it as a regular everyday suit. In contrast, the secret identity suits are the right balance between the look and feel of an everyday suit, while providing a dose of DC magic in every stitch.

The authentic suits are perfect replicas of the suits worn by these iconic characters, and are great for those looking to cosplay as them. Hopefully Fun Suits will add more characters to all of their suit categories and better materials in their next line of themed suits.

For all of my Marvel universe lovers, don’t worry Fun Suits offers a line of Marvel comics based suits as well. Check out our overview at Webster Style Magazine.



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