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TV Brew: Supernatural – Stranger In A Strange Land

Yeah. Everyone is screwed.

We’re back and we begin with Sam, sporting the unshaven and haunted look that Castiel is also working, continuing the search for Michael!Dean. Both of them are clearly barely holding on but trying to keep up appearances because, in a nice turn, they’re not alone in their search. It seems in the three weeks since Michael took over Dean’s body, Sam, Mary, Bobby, Cas and Jack have returned the bunker to its roots and then some: it’s now the HQ for the Men of Letters and Hunters. While this has been great for the world in general: hunters and researchers working together to actually stop threats in a timely manner, it’s not so great for the search for Michael!Dean, or Sam and Cas actually getting the rest they both so clearly need. This leads to a series of unfortunate events wherein we find out that the little thing that happened over the course of the last two seasons: everyone in Hell’s upper management getting knocked off, is coming back to bite the remaining Winchester family in the arse.

In the meantime, Michael!Dean is walking around being smoking hot – seriously it’s distracting –  and searching for a reason not to wipe all of everything – humans, demons and angels alike – off the map. He’s not finding much because, well, have you seen the world we’re currently living in? This leads him to running into Jo who has the good sense to try to get the hell out of dodge, it doesn’t work but you know, she tried. Unfortunately for everyone Michael!Dean does find inspiration, in the worst place possible…

Book Of Lore

  • So, we’re running with the whole Mary and Bobby thing huh?
  • Jack is definitely Dean’s child if the way he’s handling Dean being missing is any indication.
  • Literally everyone is like, ‘Castiel, how dafuq did you lose your boyfriend?’
  • The special effects on what Michael Dean looks like to other angels are gorgeous.

The episode ends with all of us realizing just how bad it is that Michael got his actual vessel as he now has all of Dean’s knowledge. This isn’t Castiel trying to understand how humanity works, Gabriel being a pure hedonist or the other angels who just didn’t care. This is an archangel. The Archangel. Combined with the best hunter of a generation if not the best hunter of all time. Someone who literally survived Hell, has been chosen by Death, repeatedly, and has saved the world multiple times.

This is a disaster…

Five bespoke suits out of Five

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