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TV Brew: Supernatural – Gods and Monsters

…nothing is what it seems.

Remember how last week I said Michael!Dean was making an army? Yeah, that was just the tip of the iceberg, fam. Homeboy out here brokering deals with werewolves, experimenting on vampires and Chuck knows what else – while looking damn fine doing so. I’m sorry to keep harping on it but, while anyone with eyes knows that Jensen Ackles is one of the most beautiful people on the planet, Supernatural has made a concerted effort to not overemphasize that due to a: how young Ackles was when he got in the game and b: him being a model from childhood on, making it a bit…weird. (I’m not including links to his modeling days. Look it up yourself…) So, seeing Ackles in clothing that actually fully emphasizes what he looks like is genuinely startling and makes it even more abundantly clear, on top of his acting – which has been amazing, who is in charge of Dean’s body.

Speaking of amazing acting, let’s talk about Mark Pelligrino, gang. I said last week on Twitter how I knew, instantly, that it was Nick — not Lucifer — in the premiere based off his body language alone, and that fantastic work has only gotten better this ep.  One of the things this show has always done is give its actors the chance to show what they’re capable of, and Pelligrino is amazing as the grieving and deeply wounded Nick. This is a man who lost everything, and when he thought he’d found hope it was all a lie: Lucifer just wanted to take his body on a joyride until he got to his true vessel. Now, not only is he dealing with the weight of all the actions Lucifer took while wearing his body, but the reality of the unsolved case of his family’s murder. It’s a lot; and that, combined with having residuals of Lucifer’s psyche stuck in his head, is causing Nick to (justifiably) go insane. Unfortunately, because everyone is trying to save Dean, no one is noticing how badly Nick is falling apart and how dangerous that could be.

Book Of Lore

  • Jack going to see his grandparents and being unable to tell them who he is or that Kelli died was brutal.
  • Speaking of brutal, Jack is so Dean’s child, ‘Everyone keeps talking about saving Dean, we’re not focusing on stopping Michael and that’s not what Dean would want!’ He’s not wrong. Dean would rather they kill him then let Michael run rampant.
  • The weird crossovers with the new Halloween movie were a bit more subtle this episode but still, I’m hoping they’re over now that the movie is out.

With Michael!Dean setting the gang all the way up, Nick losing the plot completely, and the entire family so desperate to get Dean back, they’re not paying attention to things they should be. Things are already escalating quickly and we’re only 2 episodes in.

This season is going to be nuts, my friends.

Five Silver Bullets out of Five

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