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Movie Brew – Casting Phase 4 Part 2

Magic and the Young Avengers!

With the mystical aspects of the MCU coming fully into play with Doctor Strange it’s time to lay out the groundwork for the other magical characters, starting with everyone’s favorite hybrid vampire.

Blade The Daywalker
Chris Chalk
chris chalk.gifFrom Gotham, to 12 Years A Slave to Homeland, Chris Chalk has shown his impressive range in a wide variety of parts, however playing the one and only Blade would take him to a whole new level. Bringing his acting skills to a character that is as complicated and brutal as Blade, he would definitely make the character his own and bring a depth the Wesley Snipes iteration never really had.

Anna Torv
oliviaThe niece of Dormammu and daughter of Umar, Clea, is the sometime ruler of the Dark Dimension, one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Marvel Universe and oh, by the way…Doctor Strange’s future wife. Powerful, beautiful and calm in the face of the insanity that is her family, she is one of the rocks of the Marvel world. Anna Torv brings an otherworldly charm combined with hyper-intelligence that is the exact right vibe needed to pull Clea off and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Stephen Strange.

Jericho Drumm aka Doctor Voodoo
Lance Reddick
lance reddickAnother Fringe alumni Lance Reddick has been the voice of authority in both animation, television and film for a long, long time. He’d bring the right gravitas and competence to Jericho Drumm, a former psychologist and the other Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. Drumm’s story, and that of his twin brother Daniel, is a goldmine of psychological, mystical and familial drama that Marvel would be fools not to put onscreen.

The Young Avengers
With Cassie Lang already in play and Miles Morales being hinted at it’s time to start thinking of the next generation of heroes and what better way than to bring in the Young Avengers?

Nathaniel Richards aka Iron Lad
Jaden Smith
jaden smithThe son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Nate Richards, along with David Haller, may be the most powerful mutant of all time. A reality warper, who also has the ability to travel through time, Nate has had a hard go of it. Knowing your future is a curse and a blessing and Nate’s efforts to avoid the darkest timeline have not always ended well. This is where Jaden Smith’s particular brand of weirdness would come in handy. Shown to actually be able to act on The Get Down, he would be able to bring just the right level of otherness to a boy who has more power than he could possibly handle.

America Chavez aka Miss America
Yadira Guevara-Prip
Yadira Guevara-PripAmerica Chavez is a tough nut to crack: Abrasive and brave, loyal and rude, honest and loving. The big sister of the Young Avengers, she’ll go toe-to-toe for her friends and to protect the weak. A flawed and fun hero who, in the wrong hands, can come off as a know-it-all bully but in the right hands? She’s magic. Yadira Guevara-Prip of Wayward Sisters has the right combination of vulnerable and badass to make this character work, while having the physicality to pull off the power America displays.

Loki God(dess) of Stories
David Mazouz & Malina Weissman
david mazouz
Malina Weissman
With Loki’s ****spoiler for Infinity War**** death it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the post-Siege storyline from Thor in which he finds an amnesiac child who bears a striking resemblance to a certain trickster. This would also allow one of the few genderfluid characters (who hasn’t been retconned) in comics to come to the big screen. David Mazouz and Malina Weissman’s intensity and looks are very reminiscent of Tom Hiddleston; and their previous work on Gotham and A Series of Unfortunate Events show they have what it takes to bring all sides of Loki – who is the youngest and oldest of the Young Avengers – to life, while giving us the complexity of a true chaotic neutral anti-hero.

Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye
Kathryn Newton
kathryn newtonAnother Supernatural alum, Kathryn Newton would be fantastic as Kate Bishop. The society girl who became a superhero, Kate is aloof, intelligent and wise beyond her years due to growing up in a situation where even your family can’t be trusted. Kathryn Newton’s roles as Claire Novak and Amy March show she has the range and athleticism to pull off some of the death defying feats Hawkeye is known for while grounding her in real world issues and drama.

Teddy Altman aka Hulkling
Ross Butler
ross butler
The ‘Original’
Reggie, Ross Butler has proven that he’s more than an obnoxious, prettyboy on 13 Reasons Why and while DC is notorious for not liking to share actors, a chance to play the utter sweetheart that is Teddy Altman would be too good to pass up. The son of Captain Mar-Vell and Princess Anelle, who was hidden on Earth to keep him as far away from the Kree-Skrull War as possible, Teddy has superhuman strength, shapeshifting abilities, and is one of the kindest people in the entire Marvel Universe. Butler would be fantastic as someone caught up in their parents’ past who’s just trying to create their own future.

Billy Caplan aka Wiccan and Tommy Shepherd aka Speed
Cole and Dylan Sprouse
dylan and cole sprouse
Speaking of
Riverdale cast, that brings me to the casting that was by far the easiest: Cole and Dylan Sprouse as Wiccan and Speed. The Zach and Cody twins are all grown up and, with Dylan coming back to acting after taking a break and Cole making a name for himself as Jughead Jones, they’re perfect for the twins of Wanda Maximoff and The Vision (don’t ask, it would take way too long). The reality warper and the speedster have a deeply complicated backstory and their tense – at best – relationship with their parents (both biological and adoptive) would bring the right amount of angst to the proceedings.

Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel
Aparna Brielle
Aparna BrielleWhile technically not a member of the Young Avengers but of the next generation of Champions, it doesn’t matter: You have to have Kamala Khan. The adorable, pint-sized powerhouse has become a symbol of all the good that comics can put into the world. An Inhuman whose abilities were activated by the Terrigen Bomb Kamala fully embraces her superheroing with a glee and joy that can only come from a giddy teenage girl. Aparna Brielle of A.P. Bio has the exact energy needed to bring Kamala to life.

So, that’s it! Those are my picks for the next generation of MCU heroes, do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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