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TV Brew: Supernatural – Wayward Sisters

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a backdoor pilot. #WaywardSistersIsComing #WaywardSisters

Over the course of its run Supernatural has built up some extremely amazing, layered supporting characters. More often than not (in some cases in spite of the writers) those characters have been women. Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Meg (both versions), Missouri Mosley, Charlie, Eileen just to name a few. Unfortunately, all of the above we’ve lost during the years, but some, like the ladies featured in Wayward Sisters have stuck around. We’ve watched their journeys throughout the seasons: Jody going from grieving mother and wife to badass hunter; Claire, the daughter of Castiel’s human vessel, literally growing up before our eyes; Alex, the only human child of a vampire raised in a brutally abusive family, becoming a compassionate and caring young woman; Donna, the world’s sweetest and yet still dangerous Sheriff who will just a soon bake you cookies as teach you how to use a flamethrower; and our two newest additions: Kaia and Patience whose supernatural abilities to walk between worlds and psychic powers (that are rapidly growing), respectively, make them outcast in their own lives. Each of them touched by the otherworldly, have been saved, and have saved, Sam and Dean Winchester at some point or another so when the boys go missing they unite to find them and something wonderful is born.

Not only does this episode do what Bloodlines failed to in making us care, and care deeply, about the fates of the character involved it also builds on what we already know. Setting up storylines for both Supernatural and the upcoming Wayward Sisters, it weaves in decades of show history, a truly unsettling mystery, while bringing in new monsters and problems, all without sidelining the overall story arcs that were already in place for the season. For once the overused phrase ‘organic storytelling’ actually deserves to be mentioned because everything that happened this episode felt right. This is how these characters would come together, clash, survive and become family. It also did a good job of showing just how much of an impact Sam and Dean have on people, how they’ve touched people’s hearts throughout the years and unknowingly built a family of choice. When they were in trouble and had no idea if anyone even knew, their family came for them, and that’s honestly one of the most beautiful things to happen on this show.

Book Of Lore

  • ‘Sam and Dean went on a hunting trip and we haven’t heard from them in a few days.’ – Jody calling Claire home and the show taking it all the way back to the pilot episode in the most perfect of ways.  
  • Alex’s deeply pragmatic view of what to do with monster bodies cracks me up.
  • Patience’s face when she meets Donna in all her Donna glory is amazing.
  • I did not know that Wayward Sisters will be the first all woman led horror/sci-fi show in television history*. That’s both amazing and insane.
    • Cleopatra 2525 was the first all woman led sci-fi show and it barely lasted…
  • Holy shite what happened to Kaia?!
  • Guys, Eric Kripke came back to write this episode. I just…::cries::

This episode was all I could have asked for in a backdoor pilot and more. Not only am I looking forward to what happens with the rest of this season but I’m eagerly anticipating the premiere of Wayward Sisters. 5 Multiverses out of 5

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