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TV Brew: Westworld – Reunion

Season 2 is in full swing now, and we are charged to bear witness to the beginnings of the (now infamous) vacation destination, with some of the current rebellion sprinkled in.

The episode begins with Dolores and Arnold engaged in one of their usual sit down chats. This time, the conversation is in the really real world, showing us the time before the park when the hosts were brought out for the world to see. Dolores is there to help Arnold and the puppet master, Ford, get funding for their new robot land idea. This reveals more of Logan’s back story, with the return both before his Westworld experience with future bro-in-law William, and events shortly thereafter.

Angela pitches the idea to Logan, who while skeptical at first, is amazed at the realism of the hosts, which naturally culminates in super sexy time with multiple bots. Of course, it is not Logan who wins the park contract, but William, who convinces his father-in-law to invest for one simple reason: The park is fake, the guests are not. In a place that invites sin outside the sight of the Almighty, recording someone’s deepest sadistic fantasy – played out for the cameras to see – can be an extremely lucrative enterprise. We finally arrive at the crux of the park’s purpose – extortion. It is, after all, how William got rid of the threat of the unbalanced Logan.

Meanwhile, the Man in Black rides once again with his buddy Lawrence to continue to play the new game that Ford has built for him. The game is similar, but the safety switch is off. MIB is in his element, but the game will not allow him much help, he needs to do this on his own.

System Data:

  • Dolores is a hell of a piano player. Who knew?
  • Maeve and Dolores finally come face to face in a satisfyingly tense encounter – one that gives way to mutual respect.
  • “You’re smart enough to guess there’s a bigger picture, but not smart enough to see what it is.” The late Theresa was a prophet.
  • Anthony Hopkins’ disembodied voice is creepier than his face.
  • Dolores is building an army, and she ain’t taking no, or death, for an answer.
  • Logan is just as scummy in the real world as he is in the park.

Get ready folks, this ride is about to get a whole lot bumpier.

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