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Got PS Plus? Here’s Your Free Games for February

February begins today, and with it a new group of free games on PlayStation’s PS Plus. This month brings a fresh bunch of free games for PS Vita, PS3, and PS4, and we’ve got that list for you here.

Starting on Tuesday, February 6, both RiMe and Knack for the PS4 can be gotten for free in the PlayStation Store.


Knack is one of the PS4’s launch titles, in which players assume the mantle of Knack. This unlikely hero has the ability to grow to a giant-sized wrecking machine in order to combat an invading goblin army. Sprung from the mind of Mark Cerny, Knack is one of those games that looks simplistic at first, but you really have to get in and play to enjoy its full beauty.


RiMe, on the other hand, takes a more artistic and puzzle-based angle. Its beautiful landscapes and art style are at first hidden behind the puzzles that you have to solve. However, once you are able to crack each puzzle, a stunning world opens up in front of you. It really is a wonderful mystery game where you need to discover (re-discover?) where you are, how you got there, and just what it is that you need to be doing.

Then, there’s stuff for the folks out there who still own and use their PS3 consoles. Both Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z will be available at no charge.


Spelunker HD hearkens back to the days of 2D platforming. In this game by Tozai Games, the player will explore cave systems, search for ancient treasures, and combat charmingly pixelated enemies like ghosts and snakes, all while being made VERY aware that height and gravity are always against you. With a huge multitude of ways that your life can be brought to an abrupt end, exacting controls, and retro appearance, Spelunker HD would be a great title to pick up in February.


For those who want a bit more of an upgraded look, there’s also Mugen Souls Z. In this very anime-like JRPG title, players take on an ancient threat through the use of oversized weapons and magic. With 9999 levels of craziness to get through, and some pretty engaging characters and dialogue, Mugen Souls Z is a great addition to your game library.

Finally, we are getting 2 titles for the PS Vita. Grand Kingdom and Exile’s End will both be available for free in February (you can also get Grand Kingdom for PS4 with Cross-Buy).



Grand Kingdom’s tactical RPG style gameplay brings you into the heat of a battle between four separate factions for control of the land of Resonail. The turn-based combat system uses three different planes, requiring you to ensure that your characters are positioned properly in order to do damage and avoid attacks. An engaging main story, and dozens of side quests will definitely keep the attention of any RPG fan.


Exile’s End is more of a “Metroidvania” type of game, with a story that’s reminiscent of a combination between the Alien movies and Super Metroid. Traversing dark caves and taking on creepy enemies in this indie title really gives a good nod to 90s-era action-adventure games like Another World and Flashback. Some good names are attached to this one (Ninja Gaiden NES’s Keiji Yamagishi for one) too, making it a fun and immersive title to have.

So there you have it, PS Plus users! Go get these free titles for February, and game on!

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