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Harry’s Anime Picks: The Shutdown Edition

If you are a government worker, the next few days (we hope it’s not longer??) will suck because some of you will be stuck at home waiting for word to go back. Also if you aren’t an NFL fan, you may be looking for stuff to watch until the Super Series…or is it the World Bowl** is done and dusted.

I got a few recommendations but before I get started, let’s clear a few things up!

  • I want to thank everyone who chimed in with a few of their own suggestions last week. I will do my best to try and watch a few of your pick and even give shout outs when I do so keep up with the responses!
  • I can’t promise that you guys will get these weekly because, ya know…ADULTING!
  • While I will do my best to recommend some of the newest anime out there, there may times (and this week is one of those times) where I may recommend series that may have a season or two in the can. I mean, let’s face it, everyone hasn’t seen everything. There may be suggestions to shows you may not have heard of or have forgotten, or better yet, been putting off, so stay with me on this.
  • Because not every series may be completed as we review, give it the three episode try. If a series doesn’t grab you by the 3rd episode, (four to be sure!!) it may not be for you.
  • **That sports reference earlier? Yeah, I am from Baltimore and we have 2 Super Bowl rings, so Eagles fans, holla at me when you get one.

OK!!  That’s done and now on to our shows!

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Netflix Exclusive

Plot: A re-imagining of the 80’s series, this new series follows a group of Paladins in their quest to not only find Voltron, but also learn to work as a team as well as bond with the lions that form the legendary robot.

The Good: In my opinion, Voltron: Legendary Defender is one of the tightest sci-fi stories I have seen in years. Some of the biggest franchises (coff coff the newer STAR WARS movies) could really learn from V:LD in telling a story about brotherhood, rebellion, discrimination, allies becoming friends and vice versa. The series hits its stride towards the end of season two and as you end season four, you will feel how far the show has come since episode one.

The Bad: It may feel a bit disjointed because the first two seasons have 13 episodes each and the last two are shorter. Also, one of the story origins comes along really late but in hindsight, it’s perfect where it fits and depending on who you are, it’s one of the biggest “holy sh*t!” moments of the show.

The Bottom Line: Yes, I said it, this award winning series is probably one of the best shows you will see bar none.  It’s great watching this team come together, watching them struggle to bring the galaxy together and then the later reveals really adds up to a full show. It’s great that almost every time you have questions, they get answered as well. Also, there are some fun episodes as well; watching Coran deal with a brain worm is hilarious! If you have been on the fence about watching this remake, now is the time to watch!



Plot: A research center in Japan is attacked by mechs causing a mysterious 400 year old samurai to awaken. He then abducts a teen girl and then with his own mecha, fights off the threat which after the battle, he realizes he is a man out of his time.

The Good: There aren’t too many good mecha (not named Gundam or Evangelion) made anymore and while Kuromukuro may not not come close to those two, it’s a fun watch. It’s cute in its own way and not too serious…yet. The action scenes are fun to watch as well

The Bad: Sometimes, the show gets a little too cute and cliche for its own good. While it’s not meant to be taken seriously, there are a few throw away episodes. On the other hand, if you want something light, this may be the show for you.

The Bottom Line: If you can deal with the pacing issues and some of the indecisiveness of teh show’s direction, it could be a fun romp.

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls


Plot: The battle between the Iga and Koga clans continues as two lovers are the fulcrum point for deciding the fate of both clans

The Good: It’s been some years since the original series aired and it was one of the bloodiest and violent, yet most fun anime I remember watching. The first two episodes are definitely setup shows so give it a chance before you check out.

The Bad: The animation, honestly, is not as good as the original and to be quite honest, the next episode will be the make it, or break it one for me.

The Bottom Line: I really need this show to amp up the action if it wants to keep me aboard. I really want to like this show but there is so much more out there to watch if this falls down come 3rd episode.

Ok!!  That’s it for this week, keep the suggestions coming!




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  1. Thank you for adding those where to watch tags, SO HELPFUL.

    Voltron is wonderful. Animated by people who did the latest Airbender stuff with Korra I couldn’t be happier with the art and the story is really well done as well.

    Kuromukuro is really cool also, in fact most of Netflix’s anime has been pretty on point. I’m looking forward to checking out Godzilla this week.


  2. Give Godzilla a look! We may do a video review on it this weekend!


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