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Gaming Review – ‘Civilization VI’ for Tablets

It’s not enough that Total War: Rome and and Skyrim (for the Switch, at least) has become mobile but one of the biggest 4x world sim games also finally been made portable as well. For those of you unfamiliar with that game, and few are not, here is a synopsis:

Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Wage war, conduct diplomacy, advance your culture, and go head-to-head with history’s greatest leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

I honestly won’t go through a full blown review because this is a game that has been out on PCs for a year and you can find a myriad of reviews here. What I will say is that this game series is something I have been looking forward to ever since the iPad released back in 2010. Since that time we got the watered down Civilization Revolutions but this is the first full blown game that we have ever gotten at this scale. Something like this will hopefully open up a whole new avenue of games that normally would have found life only on PC to finally come to tablet devices.

The game graphically is on par with PCs running at medium resolution but honestly you are not playing this game for the aesthetics. You are playing this game to vie to be the top civilization in the world and if you played this on PC, you will be quite comfortable here as well. So far, Aspyr has not messed with the formula or taken any shortcuts to bring this game over. Nearly everything in the PC game is here, the GUI is easy to read and it also responds well to touch controls. The game even supports a limited amount of mods which will make this a complete gaming experience for those who want to dominate the globe from their couch. One small touch that I liked is that as addictive as this game is with the “one more turn” mantra that can go through our heads, there is at least a battery meter built into the GUI. That battery meter is the one saving grace that will have you consider your next move to consolidate power now or stop and recharge for later.

There is, however, one HUGE caveat one must face before getting this game and that is the price. The game is a freemium game. You can download it from the app store and play 60 turns for free to see if you like it but if you want the full blown experience, it will cost you $60 bucks. However, there is a promotion happening now where you can pay $30 until January 3rd, 2018 for the full game. Sixty dollars is a LOT for a full blown game on a tablet device especially when that game has been out for a year. So, your miles may vary depending on how big a fan you are. My only argument for the price is that this is a full blown port and not one where corners were cut for a mobile device, but that’s it.

Realistically, if you want to play the full game, get this while it’s on sale because I think it’s going to be a hard sell once the price goes back up.

It’s rare that games like this come out on tablets so if you are a fan, at least give it a try. If the price points are too much, one can totally understand not wanting to pay it, as for many it’s a steep entry point.

3.75 R&D Points out of 5

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