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Another Tomb Raider Game Is Coming, But Is It Too Much?

Interesting news out of Square Enix today, dear readers. It appears that another new Tomb Raider game is on the horizon, and details are set to be released at some sort of “major event” sometime in 2018.

In a post on Twitter this morning, the team behind the Tomb Raider franchise stated definitively that a new game “is coming”, but that they would not be releasing details just yet – opting instead to wait for this event to which they allude in the tweet.

“It won’t be very long between the official reveal and when you can play,” the tweet continues, so it’s a good bet that the Square Enix team already has something that’s pretty fleshed out, and they’ve been keeping it under a tight wrap for this whole time.

There’s a couple of things to consider with an announcement like this. One set of questions, is thus: It also makes us question where in the world the franchise will be taken next. As one of gaming’s OG badass women, we’ve seen Lara Croft go globetrotting everywhere from the United States, to southeast Asia, to Syria, and even going so far as to take her to Helheim, the mythological Norse underworld. After so much of the world being covered, where does a super-rich adventurer go for her next journey? Moreover, what kinds of challenges will she face?

In addition, with the previous title having been released as an Xbox One exclusive, this announcement also makes us gamers wonder whether or not we’ll see a cross-platform release. Rise of the Tomb Raider did eventually come out for the PS4, but it took almost a full year for that to happen.

I will admit, I have not really been into Tomb Raider for some time. I played the original when it was out for PS One, and really enjoyed it. I haven’t really picked one up since the 3rd one, though. That being said, with 18 games and 2 Hollywood movies in the franchise (as it stands currently), I wonder if we may not be seeing a bit of over-saturation for the character. Sure, there are always going to be die-hard fans of the series, but what about those of us who’ve been around since the beginning, and are starting to question the amount of variety between the games? While each game has had its own story, and each brings something relatively new to the table, some gamers worry that there’s not enough differentiation between the games to keep things really fresh. Could we see a complete re-vamp of controls or mechanics? Maybe a story that’s a bit more cerebral and less action oriented? Who knows? Still, it’s pretty apparent (with the response to the original tweet) that fans are excited for this news, and many gamers are chomping at the bit for more information.

The other question that’s undoubtedly on the mind of some fans of the franchise, is whether or not there will be any tie-in to the upcoming Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander. While we’ve speculated before on whether or not this movie can help to redeem video game movies as a whole, we also know what happens when creators try too hard to tie a game into a movie, or vice versa. There’s definitely been a few stinkers out there, and a big concern is whether something like that could happen to either the upcoming movie or the upcoming game, depending on if the two are actually meant to tie in to one another. With Tomb Raider being such a beloved franchise, it would be a shame to see anything happen to it because of poor decision making on the part of filmmakers or game developers.

Tell us your thoughts on this new Tomb Raider news, dear readers! Leave us a reply in the comments down below to let us know if you’re looking forward to another game in the franchise, and whether you think the movie will have anything to do with it.

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