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Movie Review: The Mountain Between Us

Reviewed by Gina Crosland

The Mountain Between Us starring Idris Elba as Ben and Kate Winslet as Alex was a heartfelt, yet suspenseful film about two strangers who were in a rush to get back home to their busy lives are brought together. They chartered a small plane that crashes on top of a snow-covered mountain with no civilization for miles. In their struggle to stay alive in the treacherous cold, they ended up reevaluating their lives and begin an unexpected relationship.

Both characters’ skills help them brave the journey, along with the instincts of the companion dog. Alex was a headstrong photojournalist who never feared to ask questions or take chances and offered a quick-witted sense of humor. Ben was the quite the opposite, a vigilant neurosurgeon who used his medical training to keep his self, Alex and the dog alive. Ben’s nurturing side also brought calm to fearing situations.

Going into this movie I thought it was going to be another  “get lost in the wilderness and just wait” movie, but to my surprise, the characters fought together to survive and the waist deep snow was the least of their worries. My mother who accompanied me to this movie was literately on the edge of her seat with the slips and falls to near death. The camera angles truly captured the excitement at the moment and the visual effects were very believable. At one time I jumped at an unexpected incident that made me cringe.

The performance of both Elba and Winslet as total strangers were convincing, however their characters’ trust for one another in the beginning was a little farfetched. Being strangers brought on tense and awkward situations that they pulled off well with their interactions to each other. On their journey their bond took a turn that changed their dynamic.

The pace of the movie worked out well, but there should have been a visible time clock to show how long events were happening. The characters mentioned the time here and there, but it should have been made more clearly. It seemed like their adventure only lasted a week or so, which made flashbacks that occurred a little out of place.

I would categorize this a good “girls night out” movie because for its eye-candy and “woman meets man for the first time” aspect. I plan on seeing this movie again just for the timing reasoning and to truly appreciate the outcome.

4.25 snowstorms out of 5


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  1. Great review and I’m glad someone liked it. I’ve described it as an Alpine soap opera that is ruined by the dog. Why? because the human acting is so poor and the narrative so implausible that the dog steals the show.


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