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Review Brew: 2000 AD Prog 2050

Publisher: 2000 AD
UK & Digital: 27th September 2017 £2.65
North America: 27th October 2017 $7.99

Judge Dredd: Icon by T.C. Eglington (wr) Colin MacNeil (a) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)

It’s been five years since Chaos day has affected Mega-City One. Mega-City officials have commissioned a statue for the redeveloped, Sector 123. The statue that’s going to be erected in the area, is none other than Judge Dredd.

The writing delves into the use of the word icon. Judge Dredd is one of, if not, the biggest icons in Mega-City One. There’s a divide among the people about the statue and some people bring up legitimate claims. He’s done many good things for Mega-City One and questionable things as well. So, making the statue in his honor is an interesting choice. Because the story focuses on Mega-City One, the art stands out by capturing the look of the city, and the weird looking citizens of Mega-City One. Blythes colors bring a sleekness to the art, which makes the scenes look stunning. The lettering by Parkhouse is excellent and placed well in panels.

4 Chaos Days out of 5

Rogue Trooper: A Soldier’s Duty by James Robinson (wr) Leonardo Manco (a) Simon Bowland (l)

I enjoyed this story because it’s told from the perspective of the Souther general. It feels like an examination of war and how Rogue Trooper is a part of it. This story gives a little backstory on Rogue and why he’s searching for the “Traitor General.” Robinson’s writing is on point, and uses the current situation to talk about the meaning of war. Its effect on people, why some enlist, and how the war takes a toll on the economy. The pacing well done, as it moves along with Rogue closing in on his enemies. The gritty art style is great, especially during the action sequences. Seeing Rogue tear through spider-mines and enemy infantry is stunning. Bowland’s lettering is fine and doesn’t encumber the art.

5 Rogue Troopers out of 5

Grey Area: Homeland Security by Dan Abnett (wr) Mark Harrison (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)

A new story arc begins here for Bulliets team. After the seizure of alien technology by the Ags in the restricted zone – assisted by the Chinese state. Bulliets team and various squads are pulled together for a joint operation to stop them.

The story is good and builds up the severity of the situation. The situation is so dire, that it’s causing a global incident. We get to see new faces and I’m curious to see how they will fair in this arc. The writing is heavy on exposition, and uses quite a bit military jargon. A couple of notes could’ve been placed in the story, make the terminology easier to understand. I like the futuristic art style, but certain panels take a dip in quality, and it’s quite noticeable. The colors are trippy, which adds to the style of the art. I didn’t have any problems with the lettering here.

3 Bulliets out of 5

Slaine: Archon by Pat Mills (wr) Simon Davis (a) Ellie De Ville (l)

The Celtic warrior Slaine is back, and slaughtering hordes of enemies in this story. The story picks up with Slaine and his companion fighting hordes of the Archon.

What I don’t like about this story, is that it’s hard to know what is going on. If you’re going to start a new arc, at least get the reader up to speed on what’s going on. Yes, they are fighting, but who is the Archon anyway? We’re not given much info on him or his mindless horde. The hand painted colors in the panels are stunning and make the action scenes look intense. I found the lettering was adequate and placed well in panels.

2 Archons out of 5

Indigo Prime: A Dying Art by John Smith, Kek-W (wr) Lee Carter (a) Simon Bowland (l)

I’m not too familiar with Indigo Prime, but it’s an intriguing start for this new arc. From what I can tell, an old friend has been recovered, a few characters were put into a coma, and something is lurking in one of the characters.

There definitely could’ve been a little backstory so I can figure out what’s going on. It’s hard for a new reader to grasp this without any knowledge of the previous stories. A couple of notes here or there, could help out a new person reading this. I love the art in this story and how characters have a realistic look to them. The colors are vibrant and match the tone of the story. The lettering is solid and gives room for the art.

2 Roques out of 5

Sinister Dexter: Down in the Dumps by Dan Abnett (wr) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Ellie De Ville (l)

2000 ADs most infamous hit men have a problem. Where do you dispose of a dead body in the city of Downlode?

That’s it. That’s pretty much what happens in the story. They drive around, trying to find a place to dump a dead body. The story could’ve been better but there’s nothing big happening here. The humor fell flat and didn’t resonate with me. I did appreciate the mortician who appears, and he makes the story much better. His backstory is interesting as it delves into him being dissatisfied with his job. His role in the story is somewhat of a plot device to makes everything they’ve done thus far easier. While the art is sharp and has a neo-noir feel to it, it also looks rushed in some panels. Colors are okay; they blend well and don’t distract from the art. The lettering was serviceable, but, again, the story was heavy on exposition.

3 Dexters out of 5

The Fall of Deadworld: Home by Kek-W (wr) Dave Kendall (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)

Following the fall of the resistance base, Judge Fairfax is taken to the capital of Deadworld. I’ve been enjoying this story of the Dark Judges ruling over a dystopian society. This new arc feels like it’s taking its time to set things up. I like that because it gives time for character development on the people affected from the last arc. There’s definitely seeds being planted here that may come into play down the line. Kendall’s art is haunting and makes the capital of Deadworld horrifying. His visuals make the various denizens appear decayed and malformed. The colors go hand in hand with the art and add to the mystique of this world. The lettering is terrific, and I like how the word bubbles would change, when the Dark Judges were speaking.

4 Sister Psirens out of 5

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