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Call of Duty: WWII Beta – 1st Impressions

In a few months, the next installment of Call of Duty will be upon us and once again, gamers will be working their hardest to prestige and unlock all that is unlockable about this game. Taking a look at the closed beta this weekend on the PS4, one may wonder: without the bizarre weapons and jetpacks, will this be worth picking up?

Thankfully, the beta did not take as long as I expected to download or start. Once all was done, I played a multitude of matches without ever experiencing a system crash. Kudos to Sledgehammer Games for having a stable server!

Despite what was revealed earlier at E3 regarding the HQ (which was briefly teased), gamers did not get to see this space. Those who got on this beta also got a chance to play the multiplayer modes, including classics such as Team Domination, Hardpoint and the new War mode. Of course with this being a beta, a lot of the weapons and bonuses were still under lock and key, but it wasn’t stopping any of the players who were already up to level 20 and beyond. Also, because this game is grounded more reality, gamers must rely on gun skills as opposed to tricks (although I have seen a few hopping & shooting tricks during the course of my play through).

The one thing I wish I could change in the Call of Duty system is the squad method used by EA FPSes, where even if you are not good at shooting (which I am not!) you can still keep up based on your squad role and duties you perform through the game. As it was, I was content on playing the Team Domination games where you aren’t relying on kill rates to win. I was however, impressed at how fast one could level up in the early multiplayer stages without it feeling like so much of a grind. I made it to about level 8 (I had a LOT of adulting to do!) before the end of the weekend.

As far as the maps are concerned, I was most intrigued by Gibraltar as it allowed for more long range fighting as well as a few nice underground tunnels to use. On the flipside, Ardennes felt pretty confined and claustrophobic but it was manageable. Before I forget, graphically speaking, the game is beautiful but of course, static. It’s still a shame that destructible environments have not yet made it into a Call of Duty game.

My favorite mode was War where gamers are tasked with defending 3 different points including one with a slow moving, advancing tank. Playing this mode really broke up the monotony of other modes like Domination, and it’s one I could see myself playing more of when the game releases.

To be brutally honest, while I enjoyed the beta and can’t wait for the full release, I can’t help but imagine what would happen should EA/Dice decides to go back to the well and drop a new version of Battlefield 1942 with all of the quality multiplying ability that has made Battlefield 1 such a joy to play. One can only dream… However if you missed the beta this past weekend, gamers can play the beta on both consoles this upcoming weekend as well.

So, what was your experiences playing the beta? Has increased or dampened your expectations for the fall release? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I will admit that I liked the beta. It had a lot of issues and things that bothered me, but it was good to be back in WW2 again (ironic isn’t it?).


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