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Nintendo Just Doesn’t Learn…

Well, gamers, if you’ve been waiting to pre-order your SNES Classic Edition, but haven’t gotten to it, it seems that you’re already too late…for now.

In what could be called foreshadowing for its availability, the pre-orders for Nintendo’s highly-anticipated miniature Super NES throwback console began at approximately 1:30am last night at Best Buy stores, and then at around 5:30am on However, the demand was so high, that the pre-orders sold out almost immediately. Following the debacle that was the NES Classic Edition’s availability, and then the SNES Classic Edition pre-order SNAFU with Wal-Mart, one wonders if Nintendo is really listening to fans about how much they really want to own these things, as the inauspicious nature of last night’s pre-order fiasco does not seem to bode well for Nintendo.


All may not be lost, however. It appears that Nintendo has updated their SNES Classic page on their website, indicating that more pre-order availability is on its way. Retailers like GameStop and Target are set to begin taking pre-order requests for the console – which will be loaded with 20 awesome games – and Nintendo has also promised that more stock will be available in order to avoid the same issues that befell the release of the NES Classic Edition.

While this is all well & good for Nintendo, many gamers (myself included) are still wondering what the company is thinking. Aside from the relative success of the Nintendo Switch, the gaming giant has raised a few eyebrows over the last year or so for several reasons – and it leaves a lot of us with a sour taste in our mouths. For many of us, the issues with Nintendo started back when Pokémon GO! was released, and many of the locations in which the augmented reality (AR) creatures could be found were inaccessible to those of us with more severe physical limitations. Sure, there were third party companies that tried to mitigate this, but it felt as if Nintendo really didn’t listen when people brought this up to them. After that, Nintendo released the Generation II update to the game only a year after its debut, leaving players to wonder whether or not Nintendo was paying attention to calls for trading, trainer battles, rare Pokémon special events, and so much more.

Then, there was of course, the release of the NES Classic Edition. We all saw what happened as gamers young & old clamored for one of these nostalgic consoles, and the availability of them dropped through the basement. Not long after (about 5 months, to be exact), Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic Edition, citing issues with keeping the console in stock. After the announcement from Nintendo, people also started essentially scalping the console on sites like eBay, Craigslist, and more, for upwards of $600.

So this brings up a question for the execs over at Nintendo. Do you not like money? Why does it seem like you’re not learning from your previous mistakes? Maybe start looking at a bit (or a lot) more market research, and take into account that many Gen X’ers are still gamers, and we would love to be able to relive the glory days of our youth without having to stress about where we’re going to be able to get these consoles.

What say you, dear readers? Were you looking forward to this console? Did you actually get your pre-order in on time? Tell us your thoughts on Nintendo’s seeming inability to learn from their mistakes by leaving us a message in the comments section below!

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