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Defenders: Testing My Relationship

My friends who know me were surprised to learn how quickly I have become addicted to the Marvel Universe adaptations produced by Netflix.  It started innocently enough, how all obsessions start — trying to be one of the cool kids.  On a Saturday morning, last September my Facebook feed exploded with excitement at the premier of Luke Cage. I’m not into comic books or graphic novels, but I was curious to see what they were talking about. I thought I’d watch an episode, see it wasn’t for me and go on with my life.

BOY, was I wrong!!!

I was instantly hooked by the storytelling, the music and the overall feel of the series.  My companion caught me watching about 20 minutes in and was also sucked in. We rearranged the rest of our weekend so we could binge.  He had read the comic books when they were originally printed and got all the references to the literature (as he calls it). I was just able to watch and become immersed in that world learning the new story.  This was fun for both of us.

After we finished watching Luke Cage we went back watch the rest of the shows.  We watched them in order of release throughout the winter finishing just in time for the Iron Fist.  He liked how they incorporated some of the minor characters from the comic books.   I loved about these show women are not just ‘victims.’ They can be strong and fight back. I also liked that the stories are told so that people who don’t know the characters can learn about them and didn’t feel lost.  The only exception to that was Iron Fist, I never got a full understanding of who is he and why he made the decisions he did.

We have been anticipating the release of Defenders since it was announced.  Every couple of weeks we’d discuss how beyond ready we are to watch it when it airs August 18.

However, I have to go to work Friday and I have a meeting I must attend on Saturday (side-eyeing organizer).  My companion has plans keeping him busy Friday night and works on Sunday.   BLASTED!! I just remembered I have a function to be at Monday night.  I must wait until Tuesday the 22nd, because I promised I wouldn’t watch it without him.

This means no social media for me, no talking to my friends here at PCU, and no opening my Netflix queue so I avoid temptation. Maybe I should go into hiding through the weekend. Is there anything releasing on Amazon Prime or HULU that weekend?

Would it be cheating if I watched and didn’t tell him? I know how to act, I’ll just asked surprised in all the right places.

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