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Jason Momoa is Interested in Portraying a Video Game Badass

Jason Momoa, everyone’s favorite bearded Hawaiian actor, is going to be quite busy when it comes to his career of playing badass characters onscreen.

Recently, the actor sat down at an event, to tell his fans what he had in the pipeline for future projects. Sure, we all know about his work on HBO’s Game of Thrones as the imposing Khal Drogo, his upcoming portrayal of Arthur Curry/Aquaman in 2018’s Justice League, and the fact that he’s signed on to play the lead character of Rico Rodriguez in a film adaptation of the video game franchise, Just Cause. However, what you may not know, is that Momoa is not only rumored to replace Luke Evans as Eric Draven in an upcoming remake of The Crowand now, that he’s also interested in playing the mighty antihero and God of War, Kratos.

Sure, Sony pictures has no public plans for a God of War movie. However, when a fan asked Momoa if he was aware of the video game franchise, the actor said that he does know about “the guy with the white and the red” on his face, and that he would be interested in tackling the role. With the smash-hit franchise returning to consoles in 2018 with a new look, God of War is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and it would seem that Jason Momoa would be an amazing fit for the role.

Fans are so intrigued by this concept, that one artist (who goes by “BossLogic”) even created a mock-up of what the deep-voiced Hawaiian actor may look like in the role. Check this out:

Jason Momoa as Kratos by BossLogic

We do want to stress: this is not confirmation that a God of War movie is in the works, since Sony has not made any kind of announcement of that nature. That being said, can’t you just see Momoa in the role? We know he likes to throw axes, and we know he’s got a voice that can handle the vengeful and enraged roaring at the gods that’s inherent in the character of Kratos. Now, of course, fans of the game franchise would definitely want a rated “R” version to hit theaters. The film would have to be bloody, visceral, and probably contain a bit of nudity here & there in order to capture the essence of the God of War franchise. Put all of that together, and it’s clear that a project like this, with Jason Momoa as Kratos, would almost definitely put butts in seats in movie theaters.

Tell us your thoughts, dear readers! Would you like to see Jason Momoa play Kratos if a God of War movie was made? Why or why not? Leave us a message in the comments down below, and don’t forget to follow Pop Culture Uncovered on Facebook and Twitter!

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