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Disney reportedly to move its movies from Netflix

The fight for your streaming dollars just got a new contender in the ring.

Today Disney announced it will be ending its deal with Netflix and start its own streaming network in 2019. With the rise in the number of cord cutters, this is another revenue stream for content creators so this move from Disney was inevitable.  What this move means is that all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Dr. Strange, Captain America: Civil War and others will leave as well as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Daredevil series and others like it will stay for the time being.

Disney is following HBO, Showtime, Starz and other premium cable networks into this market. The latter channels all have their own apps to view their movies and original content. The networks also have direct deals with Amazon to offer their network for an upcharge on the prime package. So the customer no longer needs cable to watch their shows, or the movies they have contracts to show.


The new platform will be the home for all Disney movies going forward, starting with the 2019 theatrical slate which includes “Toy Story 4,” “Frozen 2,” and the upcoming live-action “The Lion King.” It will also be making a “significant investment” in exclusive movies and television series for the new platform.

On one hand, this will be great for cord cutters who want to pick and chose what channels they want to pay for but I am wondering at what point does the cost start to equal just having cable??


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1 Comment on Disney reportedly to move its movies from Netflix

  1. I don’t foresee myself subscribing a to Disney ONLY programming service any time soon. Unless of course they pull their Netflix/Marvel exclusive contract. In which case, I may have to consider it.

    But you bring up a great point. My wife and I cut cable out last year. At first we started with just Netflix and XBox Live. Then we added Hulu. As time has passed, we added HBO Now (can’t moss GoT) and Amazon PRIME (Man in the High Castle).

    Although, I must note, we tend to subscribe and cancel HBO Now and Amazon Prime as our MUST watch shows close out.

    But ultimately, our annual “home entertainment bill” is comparable to our previous cable costs. Perhaps eventually the cost of network specific subscriptions will drop due to the increased demand and lead to long term savings.


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