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The WNBA is Coming to Console and PC Gaming…Sort of.

courtesy EA Sports

We have just learned that the WNBA will be included in the upcoming NBA Live 18 game from EA Sports. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly from this announcement.

The Good – The WNBA coming to any video game has been long overdue, and from the renders we have seen so far, this looks like it will be a solid addition to the series.  From the video above there is a great attention to detail and some good slams to add to the effort. Also, if gamers want to give it a go, the demo drops on August 11, 2017 which will let them get an early hands-on experience.

The Bad – It’s on NBA Live. NBA Live has not had any really good outings over the past five or six years due mostly to being overshadowed by the NBA 2K series.  There have been complaints about the game feeling outdated, as well as others stating that in certain modes the feedback is bad and that there is no way to improvise game play. So will bringing the WNBA improve the overall package especially when one key component is missing? This brings us to…

The Ugly –  According to Forbes, there will not be a career or franchise mode. Gamers can only play with WNBA teams in Exhibition mode. Also, there will be no online play either.  This news is a huge letdown being that NBA Live needs every bit of positive news it can get to compete with the NBA2K series.

Will you check out this year’s iteration or will you wait to see if next year’s version be any better? Let us know in the comments below.

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