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Review Brew – The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #1

The Fall roams the streets of Ocean City and its outskirts delivering justice…brutally.

The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #1
Writer(s):Nathan Thomas Milliner; Josh Shockley; Matthew Shockley; Scott Faenzi; James Dufendach
Artist: Nathan Thomas Milliner; Larry Crew Jr; R.D. Walton; Brad Hudson; Scott Faenzi; Joshua Canty
Colors: Thomas Anthony Winchester
Letters: Nathan Thomas Milliner; Heather & Josh Shockley; Timothy Addison Winchester; James Dufendach
Cover: Matthew Shockley
Publisher: PLB Comics

Written by various authors The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #1 tells the story of one man’s crusade against evil. We get to see several nights (and days) of The Fall’s path as he takes out some serial killers, dog fighters and other scum of the earth. A mix of Batman – stealth, surprise and genuine detective work – and The Punisher – straight up murder – over the course of the vignettes, The Fall becomes more than just a combo pack of other characters. Showing a surprising amount of humor the first issue had me laughing more often than not, even as I shuddered at some of the extremely creative ways The Fall takes people out.

The artwork goes back and forth in quality. For the most part, though the styles vary wildly, it enhances the story greatly. No two faces are alike, and though The Fall himself is a shrouded figure, we can tell his every feeling through the way his physicality is portrayed.

Overall, this is a great first issue that leaves you wanting more. 4 Boardwalks out of 5.

For my interview with the creators of PLB Comics go here.

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