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Review Brew: Sisters of Sorrow #1

Writer: Kurt Sutter & Courtney Alameda
Artist: Hyeonjin Kim
Colors: Jean-Paul Csuka
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99

The first is of this title is mostly set up, and it’s not bad. The story follows four women recouping in a domestic violence house. After a traumatic incident that happens there one night, the women begin to take the law into their own hands. Writers Sutter and Alameda do a great job at setting up the story, and starting it off with a bang. We get to know the four women, and they do feel like real people who have been through a lot. The story does focus a bit more on Dominique, who is dealing with a hit and run case that killed her daughter. You can feel the emotions of the character, and how it transitions into the others helping her get revenge. One of the characters doesn’t feel right about doing it, and it shows a bit of that, throughout the issue. The dialog and characterization are strong in this title. The pacing is stellar, as it gives amount content to digest.

Hyeonjin Kim’s art is atmospheric in its portrayal of the world. It’s gritty and dark with touches of realism to it. The characters look fine, and each of them is very different and unique from the next. The action is superb, and Kim handles each situation surprisingly well. Even showcasing the emotions on the characters is quite astounding. The story is graphic and shows a few brutal scenes within the story. The panel layout are solid, and make the issue flow really well. I like the mixtures of colors used and the lettering is handled well.

Sisters of Sorrow #1 starts with a wallop and dives into the aftermath of it. If you’re looking for a new title to check out this week, and love Sons of Anarchy, pick this title up.

4 Sisters out of 5

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