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Design Your Own ‘Mega Man’ Levels With Mega Maker!

How many of us gave up on various Mega Man titles because of the level design? I mean, we loved the games, but sometimes those levels were just so infuriating to traverse. Well, now we can get in and design our own!

Mega Maker, a new game from developer Wrecking Programs, was just released in its first iteration. This title is a cool way to design and play our own Mega Man levels, as well as share them with other gamers around the world. Gamers can also jump on and also play the vast amount of levels that other gamers have created – be they anything from unique puzzle levels that challenge your problem-solving skills, all the way to full-length Robot Master stages! Regardless of who you are, you’ll find something on Mega Maker that you’ll enjoy.


Mega Maker allows users to create traditional stages, puzzle chambers, or simple automatic levels that can be played & shared with anyone on the server. It also allows for a customizable Mega Man experience, bringing back that awesome Mega Man nostalgia that we’ve all loved for so long.

There are SO many features in this game that make this level of customization possible. The stage builder offers up a selection of 46 different basic enemies, 29 level object, 12 different bosses, 24 special weapons (who doesn’t love those?) 40 colorful backgrounds, 129 tilesets, 63 beepy & charming music tracks, and so much more. There’s even a tutorial that will help even the most inexperienced level designer get started. Mega Maker also includes a few example levels which have gone through heavy quality checks, the ability to customize your in-game profile, a rating system for other players’ levels, controller support, and lots of other features. The best part? It’s FREE TO PLAY!


There’s so much to say about Mega Maker. It’s clear that this kind of public game design initiative proves that gamers still love Mega Man, and that Capcom may have some serious talent from which to pull, should they ever create another title in the long-running franchise. So get in, create your profiles, and start making levels! Share them everywhere, and get ready to blow your friends’ minds with your design talent.


Let us know what you think about Mega Maker, dear readers. Leave us a comment down below, and tell us what you would create!

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