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Pokémon Go a year later: Are you still playing?

Last year Pokémon Go took the mobile world by storm. With nearly a million downloads on day one and making $160 million dollars in the first month, Pokémon Go is one of the most successful mobile games ever. We all remember the hype and news that came out over the game; people who were accidentally getting hit by cars, allegedly finding bodies, or trespassing onto properties just to catch elusive Pokémon. Also, who could forget the many places that chose either to have points of interest removed or added to the game and how it boosted some small businesses. The best part was that this game easily brought dozens of people together to not only exercise but socialize while trying to catch them all. The insanity of it all was that during its first month, the game was buggy, crashed frequently and had a lot of barebones features, but there was no denying the allure. However, now that’s been a year, how is the game holding up?

Speaking for myself, I kept the game on my devices until maybe October. While I did enjoy the allure of the game, it was only the most fun if I was in a downtown area as that was where the largest variety of Pokémon could be found and I did not always have time to play. There was however, a bit of fun going to a comic convention and seeing others play as there was always a huge chance of catching something new. I recently reinstalled the game and I have been giving it a whirl to see what’s new but I think the Super Mario Go game has my attention a bit more.

What did others have to say about the game a year later? Here are their thoughts below:

Jonathan Y.: No, I stopped playing at level 24, months ago.

Trent F.: No longer even installed. I enjoyed collecting them, but the combat mechanics are garbage. There wasn’t anything engaging to do with them once you had them. They need to do a combat revamp to get me back.

Carrie A.: Still playing every day! Team Instinct!

David J.: I play a little bit, but mostly when they have events like May’s Ground Event or last months Fire and Ice Event.

Lea S.:  I still avidly play everyday!  I am addicted toPokémon Go. Even more fun when I travel out of the US for work. I have caught Pokémon in Spain, Japan, Guam, and Hawaii. I am on my way to Florida this week so I am hoping to get something out of the norm from the DC area in Jacksonville.

Brook H.: I still play. At the minimum, I still get my daily stop and catch in. I usually do a few more stops or catches throughout the day. On good days, I’ll walk around Ellicott City, hitting a dozen stops, catching a couple dozen Pokemon, and maybe participating in a Raid. If I go some place new/tourist-y like a museum, the zoo, a new downtown, my phone is out and I’m hitting all the stops and making catches.

Bronte C.: I still play because it’s a never ending competition thing I have with my husband.

Marvin T.: I still play but it’s usually if never been to that specific area before.

Manuel R.: I played for a couple weeks when it was first released. But I quickly realized how quickly the data charges rack up. So, I quit but my kids still play occasionally.

Jennifer R:  I still play every day! I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last summer and I’ve found the game to be a HUGE help in ensuring I get at LEAST one walk a day (usually more), especially since they added the accumulating bonuses for catching a Pokemon and hitting a Pokéstop.

Terri D.: I played when it first came out, then I stopped for a while, and came back as strong as ever when the new set of monsters came out. I finally have a Gyrados, mostly because my current hour walk gets done around a lake.

Amanda G.: I still play more days than not. Like a number of the other folks here, I hit a few stops on the way to/from work to do the daily thing. Also if I’m traveling in areas different than my usual routes I play. I don’t get a lot of gym action in my daily routine, so new areas are cool for that. I like trying to find new ones or special versions. I certainly don’t play enough to have caught versions of them all yet. It did start to get tedious after a while following the initial release. But then they started doing the special events and upgrades, and it keeps the game more interesting now.

As you can see, many people have various reasons as to why they either play or not. Where are you when it comes to playing? Are you a lapsed player or still hardcore? Let us know in the comments below.


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