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Who Will Be The New Doctor?

December 25th will be the swan song for both the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and show runner Steven Moffat on the popular British sci-fi series, Doctor Who. The recent season finale showed the Doctor beginning yet another regeneration process (an ingenious plot device that could keep a 50 year old show running to infinity) and as often happens, we the audience will be treated to the appearance of the newest actor to portray the Time Lord during the Christmas Day special.

Today, the BBC announced who that actor will be, and the big reveal is:

Jodie Whittaker!

Whittaker, of Broadchurch fame, becomes the first female Doctor on the over 50 year old British series. Jodie’s star rose recently, largely due to her connection to new Who show runner Chris Chibnall, who was also in charge of the before mentioned Broadchurch. Whittaker has an extensive resume and should be more than up to the challenge to be a pioneer for the popular show.

What kind of Doctor will Whittaker be? We will find out in season 11 next year as the adventures of 13 begins!

what do you think of the casting of the first female Doctor? Let us know in comments!

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  1. Okay I just want to rant for a tiny bit and everywhere else is full of obvious drama so I thought I’d do it here if that’s okay. I get that we can’t have a surprise because the news would leak out early and it’s better coming from the BBC than some cheap rag.
    But my problem with these reveals of the Doctor is that it feels like it should be more. Like give us a look at their costume, maybe a line or two and idea of what this doctor is going to be like heck a title or tease. We had the same thing with Matt Smitt where he was just posing in front of the TARDIS in his casual clothes. I know this is a petty thing but it’s all I’m going to complain about because I think I’ve seen her in one episode of Black Mirror and that’s it. I’m just kind of glad Moffat is going.

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