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A New ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Expansion Is Coming!

Those of you who follow us regularly will know that both Harry and I are huge fans of Horizon Zero Dawn. I love the game so much, in fact, that I took the time to earn the Platinum Trophy for it, and the Guerilla Games title has quickly risen to become one of my favorite games of all time, and its protagonist, Aloy, is in my top 5 favorite gaming characters ever.

And now my hype train is getting started again.

We knew something else was coming in regards to Horizon Zero Dawn (especially if you finished the game), as Guerilla Games confirmed last month that an expansion was in the works. Well, now we have confirmation, as that expansion was announced at E3 yesterday. Entitled Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, the title premiered at this year’s conference with a fantastic teaser trailer. The video we were shown gives us a look at a new mechanical beast which guards an enigmatic mountain (a new Cauldron, perhaps?). The trailer alludes to the mountain containing more answers to Aloy’s questions about her origins, her world, and what her legacy may be.


There is one odd thing about this, however. It seems that there might be some kind of miscommunication between the folks over at Guerilla Games and those at PlayStation, as the latter tweeted out the video, but called the game The Frozen Wastes – even though the video clearly shows the title as The Frozen Wilds. Perhaps someone over at PlayStation’s social media department jumped the gun a bit? We don’t know, but frankly, we don’t care.


Check out the teaser trailer that debuted at E3:

Like the core game, The Frozen Wilds will be a PS4 exclusive (sorry, Xbox players), and is due to be released sometime later this year.

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  1. I am extremely excited for this new DLC to be released because it show much promise and will be adding in a bunch of new items and features.


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