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E3 2017: EA Post-conference Thoughts

The E3 conference started a little earlier than normal this year with EA kicking off the event Saturday which was followed by Microsoft the following day.

While I wouldn’t say that it was completely lackluster, I would say that very little impressed me in the way of getting me really excited.

Here is a quick rundown of some of what was introduced:

Madden 18, FIFA 18, and NBA Live 2018

I am putting these games together because it seemed like EA is really touting their story modes for all of these franchises.

Madden 18 introduces you to Longshot which stars Oscar winner Mahershala Ali as we follow a young player trying to make it into the NFL. There was no mention of a Switch version (no surprises here as it was never mentioned at launch) but all other systems will get it on Aug. 25, 2017.

FIFA 18 is bringing back Alex Hunter for our next installment of The Journey, which began on last year’s game. My hope here is that all of the progress that I made in last year’s game carries over, without me having to start completely from the beginning. Also, we heard few more details about FIFA 18’s release for the Switch and while it will not have the graphical support of the Frostbite engine or The Journey 2 campaign, many of the other game modes including Ultimate Team, career and online seasons, will still be included. FIFA 18 for all systems will release Sept. 29, 2017.


NBA Live 2018 will also feature its own story mode called The One which will let you customize a player to do what? Yes, make it big in the NBA. This game actually has a lot riding on it since it actually has competition in the solid NBA 2K series, which has been dominant for nearly 10 years. Besides a new mode, what else can EA Sports do to even make a dent into NBA 2K’s fanbase? A demo will release in August and any progress you make can be carried over into the full game. No release date has been mentioned as of yet.

Need for Speed: Payback 

Watching the trailer, I was under the impression that this is what a Fast and Furious game with death defying heists would feel like. One of my fellow gamers said that it reminded her of NFS: Underground and that’s the impression that I got as well. I’m really hoping we may get to see some urban environments as well since that will pose a challenge to gamers. If the story mode is compelling as well as solid controls, this game may be worth a look. NFS: Payback is scheduled for a November 10, 2017 release.

A Way Out

Fans of the TV show Prison Break may have an interest in this game. A co-op game about two guys breaking out of a jail. While it’s great that this is a new IP, I am curious if their motivations and story will be enough to make players give this a look. Look out for this to come in 2018.


Anthem is a new IP release that is being billed as a cross between Game of Thrones and Destiny, gameplay was shown on Sunday in lieu of the Xbox One X announcement. Gamers will get to use exosuits and go beyond a wall to battle monsters and why? To save humanity, that’s why. Even with the precious little that was released, gamers need not get to excited as this game may not drop until late 2018.

Battlefield 1

One of the few impressive previews of the conference was Battlefield 1. There will be a few new maps released during the summer and some that will finally have some night fights on this game. With the Frostbite engine, I can only imagine the mayhem that will be incurred once these are released. Just imagine what fighting at night with a light fog will do to your nerves! Also for the first time, there will be female multiplayer characters released in the upcoming Name of the Tsar DLC. If you gave up on Battlefield 1, now may be a good time to get back in it.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Here is to hoping that EA Dice truly listened to fans. While I was interested in the news that the maps, modes and characters will be free (and not so happy that there will still be micro transgressions…I mean micro transactions), I am reserving judgment on the single player mode. Even though a big deal was made out of it at the show with Janina Gavanka who stars as the protagonist of the campaign, anything less than at least a good 9-hour story will count as a turn off for me. Considering that the game’s story is supposed to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens this game’s story needs to impress. I am also hoping that there are some fundamental shifts in how classes are handled for multiplayer gaming so that it will be a little more welcoming for newer or inexperienced players. it would be really nice if they are handled the same way as Battlefield 1’s so that the classes don’t feel the same.

Also, gamers may have noted that there may be more maps from many different eras of the cinematic universe and that you may even be able to play as droids. I am cautiously holding out hope that this game is a huge improvement over the last outing, because Star Wars fans very rarely get good games and while the last one was just ok, it didn’t quite hit it out of the park. Star Wars Battlefront II releases on Nov. 17, 2017.

While I had some excitement for the new Star Wars game and new maps for Battlefield 1, not much else caught my eye as the new IPs won’t be seen until 2018 and the rest was yearly iterations of games we know we will get.

My final grade for E3 2017 is a C+.

Tell us in the comments below what games you are excited for.

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