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Review Brew – Senturies #1

Senturies #1
Writer: Ramon Gil
Artist: Ian Waryanto
Colors: Macarena Cortes
Letters: Ramon Gil
Cover: Mikko Ponczeck & Kevin Stone
Editor: Marta Tanrikulu
Printing: Overnight Prints
Publisher:  Scifies

A little under a year ago I met the brilliant Ramon Gil who allowed me to interview him, and gave me a copy of his series: Ramon Gil’s SciFies – Greatest Hits. One of the stories from that series that struck me,  and I really hoped he would expand on, was Senturies and lo and behold, here we are.

Set in 2003 it’s the story of Alexes ‘Spitfire’ Ozuka, ace pilot, badass and grieving daughter. Hoping to follow in her father’s footsteps into NASA, and eventually space, she is beset by those who’d rather focus on her race and sex than her actual talent. When things go too far Alexes answers in kind and what looks like an end to her career becomes the biggest adventure of her life.

Gil mixes actual historical events and figures into an fast moving and fun tale that takes on the real life issues of racism and sexism without feeling preachy or boring. While this is definitely Alexes’ story it is also the story of earth itself and its complicated relationship with the rest of the galaxy. When we can barely get ourselves together planetside, how is humanity supposed to take its place amongst the cosmos? Will we ever, truly, be ready?

The artwork, in variations of white, blues, greys, and black, pops. There’s careful attention to detail paid to faces that’s actual extremely important, as the story pulls figures from history who we all know on some level. Even though I would like to see more definition of the intergalactic allies (who all just look vaguely alien), the overall feel of the art elevates the story and helps to plunge you headfirst into Alexes’ world.

Overall, this is all I hoped for and more. 4 space stations out of 5.

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