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The Big Bad For Season 3 of Supergirl Has Been Cast

There’s another child of Krypton on the way for the CW’s Supergirl, it seems. At the end of the last season of the show, viewers saw a flashback scene of the final days of Krypton’s existence. A Kryptonian pod was launched at the same time as Kal-El’s and Kara Zor-El’s pods, with some interesting differences… Instead of Kryptonian elite, this specific pod was being launched by hooded figures, and from a more ominous-looking area. One of the figures also appeared to feed the child passenger of the pod a drop of blood before sending it off into space. As the pod was launched, viewers heard a voice say, “It should survive the journey. It will grow strong on Earth…and then it will reign.

That last line was a big hint as to the passenger’s identity, and now we know who it will be.

It was revealed yesterday afternoon by Entertainment Weekly, that Odette Anabelle (Pure Genius) has been cast to be a regular villain on the superhero drama, and she will be portraying the role of Reign. In the DC comics universe, Reign is the leader of a group of genetically engineered Kryptonian super weapons known as The Worldkillers. According to comic lore, Reign’s origins are that she was created by the Kryptonian Science Council, of which Zor-El (father to Supergirl, and uncle to Superman) was a member. Zor-El did eventually regret their creation later on, but also did not destroy them as he was ultimately ordered to do. All of this remained unknown to Reign herself, however, but she knew that both Krypton and Earth held the keys to knowing her past.



Essentially, what General Zod is to Superman, Reign is to Supergirl. Reign has relatively the same abilities as the blonde Kryptonian hero (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, and the power to fly), but she is also trained in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. Another huge difference, however, is that Reign (and the rest of the Worldkillers) are not constrained by morality & a sense of right & wrong. They are driven by bloodlust, the need to conquer, and a drive to discover their origins – at any cost.

This is an interesting direction for the show to take, as Reign and the rest of the Worldkillers were not introduced until DC Comics’ “New 52” grouping, which concluded just last year. How the series will factor the big bad into the show, remains to be seen. Whether or not more New 52 characters will show up is also up in the air. What we do know, however, is that showrunner Greg Berlanti & executive producer Andrew Kreisberg have “wanted to work with Odette [Anabelle] for years”, as Kreisberg recently mentioned in a statement. He went on to say, “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”


As some viewers believe the show has taken a downturn in the last season, there are hopes that the introduction of such a powerful adversary will boost Supergirl’s allure with viewers. The character of Reign may spell success, or an untimely demise for our Kryptonian heroine and her CW show.


Season 3 of Supergirl will return to the CW this fall, as will our live-tweets of the show.

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