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The Wonderment of Wonder Woman

Virginia D. - While I love to attend Comic Cons and such in costume, my favorite is dressing up as Wonder Woman and doing my charity work which includes reading at public schools and libraries as well as visit sick children. To me WW isn't just about physical strength but inner strength such as being fair and just even when others treat her less.

For 75 years, Wonder Woman has been one of the biggest heroes of DC Comics, and while she is an icon to millions of men and women, she has never quite gotten her due – unlike her counterparts Batman and Superman. As we are poised on the eve of one of the biggest super hero movies of not just the summer, but the year (and trust me, it’s REALLY GOOD!), we wanted to ask people what this iconic character means to them. Of course, what better people to ask then cosplayers? Below, you will find people from many walks of life who explain in their own words what Wonder Woman means to them. Make sure you click on them to see the full sized picture and read what makes Wonder Woman such an inspiration.

We at PCU thank you so much for your entries especially the parents of our littlest ones as well. Enjoy the pictures and if you have something that you want to add, please do so in the comments section below the post!

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Founder of The Next Issue Podcast and Pop Culture Uncovered, Harry has been reading comics since he could reach a news stand. He is also a cosplayer with his current favorite role as being Bishop, of the X-men. He is a fan of Marvel, Image and DC and is really passionate about making sure that kids get the opportunity to read. This leads him to getting out to places with comics that others no longer need and putting them into the hands of kids who will treasure them. His favorite comic characters are Batman, Spider-man, and Tony Chiu.

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