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Is DC Comics what’s holding up Milestone?

Last year, we asked what was going on with Milestone comics. We asked because 2 years ago, there was an announcement that they were coming back and then…nothing.

It looks like we may have an answer as to what the holdup is.

On the Milestone media page when the question was brought up, Reginald Hudlin took a moment to respond and said that DC Comics was to blame for the hold up.

This is Reginald Hudlin, and I am certainly not the problem. I’ve written hundreds of pages, and Denys has drawn some beautiful art. Other high level writers and artists are ready to go. The hold up is with DC. But we are fixing that challenge.


So, the questions that still remain are:  what challenges are there to be fixed so that Milestone can come back into play and how long will it be before we see such iconic characters such as Icon, Hardware and Xombi gracing comics again?

What are your thoughts? Is DC Comics to blame or do you think something else is happening?

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