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Time to dust off those Zelda Amiibos…

Some of you may be playing Breath of the Wild and are stuck trying to find certain items of just need a boost for  a few items you currently own.

If you still have your amiibos from other games such as Super Smash Bros.,, dust them off, some actually may work with BotW!

The Official Nintendo Page gives a list of compatible amiibos that may work with the game.  Some amiibos that are not related to the Zelda game may work as well so try them as well!

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that if your amiibo are Legend of Zelda oriented, they may give specific items such as armor, swords and other hard to find items!

Keep in mind that unless you do drastic shutdowns and disconnects, you can use your amiibo every 24 hours and various items in some cases may literally fall out of the sky!

If you want to see a better list as to what some amiibos do, go here for details!


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  1. I currently have my Zelda amiibo in front of my TV screen so that they are within reach so I can claim as many items and weapons as possible


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