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Star Wars Rebels S3E18: “Double Agent Droid”

“Double Agent Droid” is, well, one of those filler episodes that sets out what it needs to do without being particularly important. Maybe we need more of these, maybe we don’t. Star Wars Rebels has this tendency to be a bit of a relevance rollercoaster, where so many episodes are either advancing the main plot (“Through Imperial Eyes” from two weeks ago or the finale two weeks from now), or have monumental Star Wars significance (last week’s “Secret Cargo“), or go back to resolving old plots (next week’s “Twin Suns”).

This week finds the oddball team of AP-5, Chopper, and hey look, a returning Wedge Antilles, all on a mission to go steal some Imperial clearance codes. It’s an open opportunity for some comedy, which you know is coming when Chopper and AP-5 start doing the duet from Annie Get Your Gun. Yes, that happened.

This isn’t exactly an AP-5 centric episode, but it does spotlight how he’s the odd member of the crew who doesn’t quite fit in with the Lothal six. So when Chopper gets hacked by an Imperial team of Lobot-lookalikes, AP-5 is the only one who notices that Chopper is acting…off (mostly in that he’s stopped being an asshole). It’s a little sad for AP-5, since Chopper is blatantly not being Chopper, but Wedge doesn’t get this. In fairness, why would he? This appears to be only our second Wedge episode. We do get treated to a scene in which AP-5 barges in on Wedge while he’s trying to pee, which is possibly the first-ever pee related joke in Star Wars.

Things get pretty routine from there, with hacked-Chopper almost getting the best of the Ghost crew, and then it not happening thanks to some timely intervention from AP-5, who’s the only member who can walk around on the ship’s hull. We do get a very weird solution to the Imperial hackers in the form of Hera sending a massive energy feedback from Chopper back into their ship, which…I don’t think communication signals work like that, even with Star Wars science. I can accept magical laser swords and people who can float things with their minds, but the Chopper-feedback thing is just weird.

Poor AP-5 is left to float in the void of space in a very silly sequence which seems to be a parody of something–somebody elsewhere likened it to a famous Futurama episode–but it’s not to be, as he’s rescued anyway. Too bad. For all its focal humor, Rebels still hasn’t quite figured out what to do with the droid. He’s on the verge of adding an Alan-Rickman-as-Marvin level of cynicism to this very optimistic crew, and the episode doesn’t quite do it.

Well, anyway, at least we’re getting this next week.

Rating: Three musicals out of five.

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