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Review Brew: Brave Chef Brianna!

Brave Chef Brianna #1
Writer: Sam Sykes
Illustrator: Selina Espiritu
Colorist: Sarah Stern
Publisher: KaBOOM! Studios
Price: 3.99

Brave Chef Brianna is a new mini series from KaBOOM! Studios  about a chef who is trying to run a nice, successful restaurant; but all her customers happen to be actual monsters. When I read the synopsis of this comic, I got pretty excited because that sounds freaking awesome and who wouldn’t be thrilled by that?

 Sam Sykes, who is writing this issue,  is mostly known for writing fantasy novels such as, Tome of the Undergates, The City Stained Red, God’s Last Breath, and more. It was a weird and enjoyable first issue which set a nice tone for the mini series. I found that the beginning of this comic seemed rather rushed and skimmed over, however the rest of the story made up for that. The fun and comedic story also fell short with character development in my opinion, it’s the first issue but I wish I knew Brianna (our main character) at least a little bit better. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next few issues..

 Selina Espiritu is fairly new to the comic industry, but I’m sure you’ll love her illustrations. I thoroughly enjoyed Espiritu’s art in this comic book, it was creative, unique, and suited the story well. The smoother and less finely-detailed look went well with the story, it reminded me of the fun cartoons you might have watched as a kid. I look forward to seeing her illustrations in the coming issues!  

 Sarah Stern (who colored Espiritu’s art) is the artist for her own web comic series Cindersong, did the colors for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Pink, and other comics. Stern’s use of vibrant colors looked nice in this comic and she is definitely a good choice to color Espiritu’s art. Though I mostly enjoyed her coloring, the shading could have used some work. Aside from that minor complaint, it looked great!

In the end I’m gonna have to rate this comic three hungry monsters out of five! I’ll be looking out for issue two.

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