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Review Brew: Royal City 1

Writer & Artist: Jeff Lemire
Letterer: Steve Wands

I took an extra day to think about this comic and I still have no words. To say Lemire produced a perfect comic seems reductive. This is a master of the craft sitting down and reinventing the game even as he wins it.

The series so far is about a family who are pulled together by a traumatic event. To be sure, this book is on the same level as his Essex County trilogy but very different. In the afterwards to this first issue, Lemire talks about how the golden age of television inspired him to try and bring “graphic novel” quality to the serialized format. He definitely pulled the words right out of my mouth, because the way the dramatic energy of this book builds almost perfectly matches a pilot episode. We are introduced to our characters individually as we see them come together. There is a constant nagging question that runs through this issue, and in the end we are only left with more questions. I am definitely hooked and will be back for the next epi… I mean issue.

Lemire’s art is definitely polarizing. You either love it or hate it. I am in the first camp and believe him to be one of the best cartoonists alive. The use of watercolor really adds to the landscape of the story. It really wouldn’t work any other way. The panel layouts in the final pages of the book really took some interesting cues from television, which as I have already stated was clearly a large influence in this piece.

If you love comics, you should be reading this book. If you love television, you should be reading this book. It’s only March and I think this will be the book of 2017. Also, the book has an awesome Spotify playlist. Just saying.


5 ghosts out of 5.

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