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Suggested Netflix Mobile Viewing

You may have heard that Netflix is now available with some of its offerings offline.  It’s great news until you find out that (for now, as it may change) Daredevil, Luke Cage, and a few other notables are not available for downloading.  We here at PCU are scouring the list and we have a few suggestions on what may be worth binge watching offline while on the go.

Harry’s Picks:

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The Last Kingdom – If you liked Vikings, this is great until the next season for both comes along.

Penny Dreadful – This show got a lot of buzz and unfortunately a quick and messy end on Showtime. If you ever needed a reason to watch it while riding the train, just download it and find out.

The Get Down – I have to be honest, I missed this when it dropped and I heard a lot of good stuff about this series.  With only 6 episodes, I can have this in the bag by Christmas!

Glitch – I have been curious about this show for awhile and the premise seems wild but what else is new. A 6 episode first season seems like a good easy watch.

Black Mirror – When the Twilight Zone meets modern tech!  This series has had a few good episodes in it and if you don’t mind being creeped out on a flight, take a few of these with you!

Sgt. Nikki’s Picks:

Kuromukuro (2016) 2 Seasons – A Netflix Original series, classic mecha anime and great animation. This is available only in the original Japanese with English subtitles. Super excited that I can download this!

Danger Mouse (1981) 10 Seasons – This is an epic find! I didn’t have cable as a kid but when we had the “free preview” weekends, I was up early to find Nickelodeon and watch this show. It was my first exposure to anything British. The episodes run about 15 minutes each, perfect for the kid that can’t sit still for 30 minutes. It’s quirky and campy but the Danger Mouse theme song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Danger Mouse (2016) 2 Seasons – Hold the phone! Netflix has acquired the rights to “Danger Mouse?” More Danger Mouse and his faithful sidekick Penfold for a new generation and they even kept the theme song with a bit of an update.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) 1 Season – Another reboot from my childhood! This series is great. I had my reservations when it was announced but Netflix scored again. Never fear, season 2 is going to come around but we’re not sure how soon, so you can watch season one over and over, no matter where you are.

Glitter Force (2016) 2 Seasons – This one reminds me a little of “Sailor Moon.” If you want to introduce your daughter to anime on a road trip or long flight, this would be my choice. Please, ignore all pink and the glitter.

Attack on Titan – If you are a fan of the series, having this on tap no matter where you are is essential.

Paul’s Picks:

Lost – The quintessential show for those who love to be frustrated by lack of answers. It may have ended weaker than it began but it still holds up on repeat viewings.

Supernatural – 11 seasons of demons, ghosts and ghouls. Not to mention eye candy for the ladies (and men).

Star Trek TNG– Relive the adventures of the Enterprise D crew, a series that truly got stronger as the years went by and exited stage left at just the right time. Do it now until CBS changes its mind!

Dexter – Probably the greatest show ever made about a Miami CSI by day, serial killer by night. Beware, season 4 is the apex with a steep drop off after the brilliant Trinity Killer plot-line.

Stranger Things – This Netflix original is the perfect mix of The Goonies and Silent Hill. It is so 80’s it hurts me right in the childhood.

Belle’s Picks:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Now you have no excuse not to get Schmidt-Faced with this delightful and viciously satirical sitcom from the mind of Tina Fey.

Twin Peaks – Since Harry and Paul stole my picks of Penny Dreadful and Supernatural I decided to go old school with one of the original mind benders. With the revival coming soon now’s the time to catch up!

Parks and Recreation – While the first few episodes are shaky Parks and Rec grows to become one of the most influential comedies of a generation: brilliant, heartwarming and hilarious. It’s that rare comedy gem that moves you deeply while making you laugh until you hurt.

The Originals – This spin-off of The Vampire Diaries far surpasses its predecessor in every way. Following the exploits of The Mikaelson Family, a group of viking siblings who were cursed to become the original vampires, and set in New Orleans this show combines social commentary, soap opera and good old fashioned beatdowns to become the first worthy successor to Dark Shadows.

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