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Christmas Gifts for the Geek Girl in your Life

Christmas is right around the corner and you have a girlfriend that is a geek, so what do you get her? Knowing what fandoms she likes is the first step, if you don’t that’s okay too. Why is fandom so important? Because you can’t get a Ghosthead a Star Trek jacket if they aren’t really into Star Trek. Sure she’d probably wear it because you gave it to her but why not check out this handy gift-giving guide instead?

These items are sure to be winners!

Her Universe (HU)– Pretty much anything put out by this brand is a win. Her Universe was founded by a geek girl (Ashley Eckstein – voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Star Wars Rebels) and was recently acquired by Hot Topic (home to tons of geeky stuff for the Gothic/Emo crowd as well as parent company of Torrid). HU has partnered with (TG) to bring several collections, including Star Trek, to the site. Here are my top five picks from HU available at TG:

The Wesley Crusher Bomber Jacket
Black Widow’s Jacket
Agent Carter T-shirt
Union Jack TARDIS Skirt (there’s a Union Jack Cardigan to match – sold separately)
Captain Marvel Jacket

Top five picks from TG:

“Star Wars” Rey’s Backpack (On my list!)
The Hydra Bottle (Marvel fans, it’s not what you think!)
Firefly Dictionary (On my list too!)
Self-rescuing Princess mug
Harry Potter House Robe is a nifty little site that has some unique geeky things if you’re still not sure what to get. I’d go for the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer or the Latitude and Longitude pendant.

You don’t think that’s her cup of tea? Then head over to where you’re sure to find something she’s going to love. Everything will be unique because they are generally handcrafted items. Here are some of my favorites:

LOTR Laptop Case
Angry Bird MP3/Phone Case
Jedi/Hogwarts/Shire Tote
Custom Jedi insignia ring
Wonder Woman iPhone Cover (Too bad I don’t have an iPhone!)
Star Trek Insignia Bag

Still not sure? I stumbled on Odd Duck Studios at the River City Comic Expo, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Odd Duck makes comic book panel watches and they never use the same panel twice so they are truly one of a kind; not to mention they are fairly inexpensive. My next pick is a custom lightsaber from Texas Custom Sabers. They offer 501st legion quality sabers and they offer a military discount. A Texas Custom Saber is on my wish list!

If you’re not sure what she likes try LootCrate (LC), MyGeekBox (MGB) or NerdBlock (NB). Wait… you mean I can gift these things? Yes, you can! LC offers gift subscriptions! They also have a larger selection of what kind of crates you can select and the original LootCrate starts at $13.95. Anime fan? No problem! LC has a crate for that. Does the geek girl in your life love her dog? LC has a pet box too! MGB is $19.99 for one month, but if you chose a 3, 6, or 12-month plan the price goes down to $16.99 (12-month plan). MGB is a UK based company. NB is a bit tougher to navigate but they offer gift subscription by paying via PayPal. They also only accept credit card or PayPal. Their Blocks are $19.99 unless you send the shirt block. That’s $29.95. However, you can buy items separately not just blocks!

No matter what you chose, rule number one in buying a geek girl any gift is never an appliance! Unless of course it’s a geeky appliance like a Han Solo fridge!

(Featured image found at Lady Geek Girl and Friends.)

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    A geek girl gift guide that I wrote. 🙂


  2. TheOriginalPhoenix // December 1, 2016 at 2:45 pm //

    My gosh so many gift ideas I love it


    • Glad you like my picks! My nephew is the only one that has ever gotten awesome geek gifts for me. Everyone else struggles! I figured others may struggle to buy for their geek girls too!

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      • TheOriginalPhoenix // December 5, 2016 at 2:15 pm //

        Well I am the geek girl in my life lmao and I wanted to buy pretty much EVERYTHING on this list 😂 why did I read this

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  3. This is so awesome, man do I feel like a nerd 😀

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    • Heh. Me too. Every day. Half of what I picked is on my own list! Rey’s Backpack, the Wesley Crusher bomber and a saber from Texas Custom Sabers are at the very top!

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