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Gotham S3:E10 Recap

Oh what tangled webs we weave…

Time Bomb

Falcone, who’s been background for the most part this season, gets pulled into the melee big time this episode as we find out that Alice Tetch’s blood has had a direct effect on him and his family. We also see that he, in his own way, is trying to protect Jim. It’s a nice callback to the first season where it was established that Jim’s father and Falcone were very close and, along with the Waynes, kept the balance of Gotham. That balance has been out of whack ever since the Maroni family decided to feel themselves and went completely off the rails with the murders of the Waynes and, to a lesser extent, the death of Peter Gordon. Unfortunately, things are about to get worse before they get better as Tetch’s blood begins to take full effect.

Speaking of full effects, Ivy finally reveals who she is to Selina and Bruce. This is only because she gets in over her head when she steals from the wrong dude who has ties to the Court of Owls. This leads to Bruce, Selina and Alfred getting pulled into Ivy’s shitestorm and an unlikely alliance that ends with one of the most amazing one-on-one fights in the show’s run. It is absolutely boss.

However the episode’s biggest winner is Barbara Kean. With how utterly batty Barbara is at all times it’s easy to forget that before she took a ride on the crazy train she was a reporter. We see that side of her come to the forefront when Tabitha and Butch get kidnapped by a revenge crazed Ed. She pieces together what’s really going on regarding Penguin, Ed and Isabella’s sudden death by doing some damn good – and distinctly Barbara style – detective work. Now, armed with what she knows, she’s going for Penguin’s throne.

Booking Notes

  • Barbara vs Oswald is coming and it’s going to be LIT.
  • Harvey is the Captain with Barnes in Arkham and is actually pretty good at it.
  • Selina and Lee continue to play mind games with the people around them and in one case it’s going to lead to someone dying.

This episode does a great job of setting up the back end of the season as well as tying the various strands together. Unfortunately Mario continues to be unlikable and I truly don’t give a damn about him (or Lee at this point), beyond how his storyline will directly affect Falcone (who I adore) and Jim, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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