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5 Dumb Reasons Not to Like Anime

Imagine someone told you they didn’t like chocolate. Most of us would be surprised, but there are legitimate reasons: too sweet, too fattening, or maybe allergies. So you ask them why they abstain from this life-giving food and they tell you, “Because I don’t like nuts.”

You give yourself a moment to process that answer before deciding no, it doesn’t make sense. Not all chocolate has nuts. There’s peanut butter, wafers, fruit fillings, or just plain chocolate. Writing off all chocolate because of one type of chocolate that actually has nothing to do with chocolate itself is ridiculous.

So it is with anime haters. There are legitimate reasons to dislike anime, even if it’s just personal taste… and then there are these:

1. That’s Kid’s Stuff!

Uh oh, someone never heard of Shiki, Black Lagoon, or My Sister is Among Them. Horror, violence, rampant cursing and nudity/incest themes in that order.

Just because something is animated doesn’t mean it’s for kids. The Simpsons, South Park, and Beavis and Butthead prove that. Animation is a medium, not a genre. Some anime is aimed at kids, most at teens, and some strictly for adults.

Plus, even if something is aimed primarily at kids, that doesn’t mean adults can’t love it, too. Disney? Pixar? Batman the Animated Series? Any of this ringing a bell?

2. Their Mouths Don’t Match the Words!

Yeah. It’s a Japanese cartoon. Either you get subtitles at the bottom or English voice actors who do their best to dub.

Is this really a reason not to watch something, because it had to be modified for English audiences? That cuts out any foreign material whatsoever and America doesn’t have a monopoly on talent. If the dub bothers you that badly, watch the subtitled version. And if foreign films are too inconvenient on principle, well, that’s a much deeper problem.

3. They Stand Too Still!

One of the more astute criticisms of anime is that it’s normally based on stillness. Watch an American cartoon like Bugs Bunny and you’ll see that everything is fluid, constantly moving. In anime, characters will stand stock still for long periods of time while only their mouths and/or the cameras move. This varies per anime, but it’s a much-used trick to save money since anime is so expensive to make.

However, it forces me to ask…are you a baby who needs keys jingled in your face at all times? Plenty of art forms have far less movement than anime. Go into an art museum. Nothing moves. Read a book. The words stand still. Anime may not be as visually exciting as Road Runner, but still contains good storytelling.

And what about Baseball, Golf, or Poker? Ever notice how slowly those events move? Stillness doesn’t equate to dullness unless you, yourself, are a dullard.

4. The Eyes are Too Big!

Really? Are we at the bottom of the complaint barrel already?

First of all, eye “realness” varies per anime, like most of these complaints. Some are big and stylized, some are more natural and mature.

Second, anime doesn’t have the monopoly on big eyes. Disney isn’t innocent, nor Garfield, and don’t get me started on Sonic the Hedgehog.

5. I Don’t Like [enter genre here]!

Imagine you met someone who didn’t like chocolate. Most of—oh, wait, I already did that metaphor. Well, you get the idea.

Anime comes in all genres. Don’t like boring high school shows? Try some action/adventure. Don’t like Japanese humor? They have melodramas, too! Hate space battles? How about a more realistic, slice-of-life show? Pick your poison, we’ve got it all!

Yes, anime has its tropes, clichés, and shortcomings, and everyone has their own style, but if you’re going to hate something, make it an educated hate. Cool?

I mean it’s not like that stupid Doctor Who show with its sci-fi nonsense and stuffy British people.

…why are you glaring all of a sudden?

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I'm a writer and a Christian who believes in art, freedom, and love. And I swear I'm not a hippie just because I wrote that.

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  1. They might be dumb reasons but some people just don’t like anime and they’d give the reasons above but even countering them perfectly reasonably isn’t going to make them an anime fan. And that’s fine. Not everyone has to like it. Though it would be nice if everyone respected everyone else’s taste.

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