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Review Brew: Bloodshot U.S.A. #2 of (4)

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Doug Braithwaite
Colors: Brian Reber
Publisher: Valiant Comics

Honestly, I haven’t kept up with Bloodshot since Jeff Lemire took over writing for the character, so I was surprised how good this issue was. Bloodshot USA #2 follows the band of Bloodshot facing off against a nanite infected Ninjak after crash landing in New Jersey. The story is fun and action-packed as it shows how dire the situation in New York is, as people are turning into nanite infested killing machines.

Lemire’s writing is so good in this issue it makes me feel like I’m watching an intense action film. I love how he injected a little bit of humor with the various Bloodshots packing into a van. It’s interesting how a few of the Bloodshots want to help the infected people, but the others don’t want to get involved. I don’t know much about the other Bloodshots, but from their personalities, you can tell they’ve suffered so much pain, and now they just want freedom. I felt the pacing was done well, and kept me engaged while reading this.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Doug Braithwaite’s art, but it’s still top notch. His pencil work is amazing, and makes the characters look unique. The action is astounding, and delivers some intense moments of nanite-infested carnage. Seeing the band of Bloodshots, take on an infected Ninjak was awesome, and then seeing him purge the virus was a nice touch. I did have an issue with two of the Bloodshots that look similar, but I figured out the differences after looking back through the issue. The incredible colors from Brian Reber make this issue shine, and enhances the art.

Bloodshot USA #2 is a fun thrill ride, that delivers on writing, action, and art. If you’re new to Bloodshot or just want to check out more Valiant, definitely check out this title, and miniseries. I can’t wait to see how this story wraps up and concludes.

5 Band of Bloodshots out of 5

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