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Go Smurf Yourself… Right into Theaters April 2017!

I don’t like the Smurfs. Not because it was a bad show or is a bad franchise, but because I’m childish and can’t let things go. As a kid, anything my mom thought was cool, I automatically did NOT think was cool, and she thought the Smurfs were SUPER cool.

So naturally, I wanted them all to get caught & cooked by Gargamel because then the show would just be over. Every time they got away, I was so disappointed. (I was a very interesting child.)

That hasn’t changed, but I admittedly am very intrigued by the premise of “Smurfs: The Lost Village” in their newly released trailer. The possibility that there is a whole different community of Smurfs is amazing because now that’s even more Smurfs for Gargamel & Azrael (admittedly my favorite part of the trailer!) to try and capture!

Jokes aside, despite some cheesy jokes & cliche lines, the trailer looks like it would be hilarious for kids, with just enough inside jokes to keep parents happy. The animation is also top notch and even the trailer was visually stunning… I can only imagine how it’d look on the big screen. Unlike Zootopia which aimed to make animals that exist in our reality look like cartoons but still maintain authenticity, the Smurfs & their realm are pure fantasy, so the animators are presented with a different set of challenges to translate that fantasy, but still keep it grounded in a place the audience can relate to.

I have high hopes for this movie and I’m excited to see it in theaters April 2017, if only for 2 things: 1. To find out if a TRUE biological female Smurf exists in the Lost Village… look, don’t try and pretend you didn’t know Smurfette was made of blue clay by Gargamel to trap the other Smurfs! 2. To gleefully hope Gargamel & Azrael finally catch the Smurfs… sorry Mom!!

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