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Supernatural S12:E6

Legacies are a double edged sword.

Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox


We begin with a flashback to Mary Winchester being a mothereffing BOSS. Mary takes out a werewolf in Canada and imprints on the child she saves: Asa Fox. He grows up to become a hunter, and a pretty badass one at that, building a huge network of fellow hunters in Canada. Which is why his death has a ripple effect all the way to the US, drawing Jody, who the boys are visiting, to his funeral. Seems they were friends with benefits and were going back and forth on trying to decide if they wanted to be more before Asa was murdered. Dean and Sam accompany her and shite gets real, real quick, when Mary shows up. That’s on top of hunters dropping dead at the wake and Billie showing up to taunt Dean.

In a season full of fantastic episodes this one is a standout, showing the boys’ various worlds colliding with Jody and Mary meeting for the first time. Jody is very much a part of their family and her reaction to Mary is not only spot on but very telling of the high regard she holds Dean and Sam in: she immediately welcomes Mary into her heart because the mother of the boys has to be someone worth having there. Mary’s reaction to Jody is illuminating as well, she doesn’t know how to feel about Jody, Dean or the fact that the boys are legends. Dean’s anger, which is extremely justified, and disappointment in her come in sharp contrast to Sam, who is bending over backwards to be understanding of her situation (which is, to be fair, insane). It’s also interesting to note how the roles of the boys have been reversed since the first year, with Sam in Dean’s role of trying to reconcile his parent and brother (who are just alike) to each other.

Then there’s Billie. I’ve held a long standing theory that Billie’s role on the show, beyond being awesome and brutally honest, is to prepare Dean for his next role. If you remember two seasons ago, Dean killed Death (with his own scythe no less), something that’s a pretty big deal, yet Billie has never identified herself as Death personified, only as a Reaper. She also, like Tessa before her, seems to be specifically assigned to the Winchesters in general and Dean in particular. Then there’s the fact that she doesn’t have Death’s ring. In fact, as far as we know, no one has Death’s ring because it was ‘destroyed’ when Death died.

Except, Death still comes for everyone, so….who is the new Death? Who are the reapers taking their cues from? Who’s the only character in the history of the show to wield Death’s full power?

Think about it.

Book Of Lore

  • Look no further than Mary’s car to confirm that Dean is very much her baby boy.
  • The boys’ status as legends, worldwide, has been an underlying theme of the season that I feel will get more and more prominence as the season goes on, especially as more and more people realize that the stories are true.
  • I love a good bottle episode and this one was one of the best I’ve seen on television in a long time.
  • The twins are awesome and I hope we see them again.

The episode ends with some soul searching, some honesty and the ever expanding Winchester family getting to know each other a bit better. Just in time because Lucifer has just realized what being a rockstar entails….

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