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Supernatural S12:E5 Recap

This episode is delightful…

The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Nazis! Nazis everywhere! That’s right ladies and gents it’s a Thule Society episode, just in time for the American Election. Sam and Dean, still trying to deal with Mary leaving, catch the ultimate case from Aaron: the Thules are trying to resurrect Hitler. In order to do that they have to track down a blood relative of his and that leads to the most adorable chatterbox in the form of Ellie. She really is the cutest thing, and pretty badass once she gets over the initial shock of who her great-great uncle is.

However it wouldn’t be a Supernatural episode without some familial issues and this one is no exception as the boys unexpectedly bond with the son of one of the Thules. His need to please his psycho father, and never quite measuring up, hits the boys where they live. They help him make a clean break and for once an episode ends with everyone alive and in somewhat one piece. It’s a nice breather episode that’s still moves our characters forward emotionally.

Book Of Lore

  • Dean wasn’t hungry. That should tell you all you need to know about his emotional state.
  • I cannot emphasize this enough: Do Not Sniff People Without Their Consent. It is gross and disturbing and giant red flag that you are a psycho.
  • If Dean wants to bring the grenade launcher, let him bring the grenade launcher. #JustSayin
  • Nice shout out to Jensen Ackles’ complicated relationship with the MCU guys.

While this show is always great with the dark humor, this episode had a lighter touch that’s just what we needed after the last few whammies, however that just makes me even more paranoid about the other shoe dropping….

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