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Gotham S3:E7 Recap

Jervis continues being awful on @Gotham.

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Hello dear readers, it’s been a minute but I’ve got Gotham recaps ready for you!

Jervis Tetch continues to be the absolute worst. Between desecrating his sister’s body so he can take her blood and use it to mess up the ruling class of Gotham; paralyzing and mind-raping Jim, and generally being awful he may be the first Gotham villain that I have absolutely no empathy for: I just want him to die. Brutally.

Before Jim can get mind-raped, he has to deal with the fallout of his choice from the previous episode, with Valerie giving him the boot because she saw through his gambit to save Lee. Mario isn’t happy about his choice either, though honestly there was no good choices to be made. In any case Mario, and Lee, are getting on my last damn nerve because they could’ve stayed wherever the hell they were instead of coming to Gotham to start shite with Jim. I’m ready for both of them to get up out of his life with their double standards.

Jim spends the episode tripping, hard, in his psyche and facing his fears and desires. He decides that it’s time to stop pushing everyone away and get back to doing what he does best: being a protector. We get some serious insight into his relationship with both his father and Bruce as we’re reminded that Jim saw his father die: he was in the car with his father when the accident happened. It explains his easy rapport with Bruce and why he, more than anyone else, understands Bruce’s anger. It’s also a reminder to Jim, and the audience, that Jim Gordon at his core just wants to help people, always. He gets his swagger back, beating back Jervis’ drug (that should’ve killed him) and goes to Barnes to ask for his job back.

Just in time as Barnes is losing his damn mind….

Booking Notes

  • Isabella’s wig is distracting.
  • Selina isn’t doing anything to make me like her this episode. I’m glad that she gets called on it.
  • Oswald is every jealous stalker ever.

We end with Barnes updating his will and, I believe, leaving everything he has to Jim and the police academy. He knows he’s not long for this world, the question is: is he going to go out like a hero or a villain?

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