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Gotham S3:E6 Recap

Dynamics change…

Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit

Jervis shows his weasley face again, running around kidnapping folks all willy nilly and putting them in life threatening situations so that Jim will be forced to choose who dies and who doesn’t. Jim, who is beyond fed up with crazies, proceeds to aggravate Jervis further by opening the wound that is Alice’s death. Jim makes sure Jervis knows that Alice was terrified of him and welcomed death rather than being anywhere near her pedophile brother. This all leads to a showdown with Lee and Valerie caught in the middle and Jim making a surprising choice that’s bound to have a ripple effect throughout the season.

On the other side of town, Oswald has moved his affections from Jim to Ed after last week’s escapade but has quite mustered the courage to actually tell Ed how he feels. Instead he spends the episode corrupting young minds, being odd -even for him- and procrastinating on an epic level. Too bad that when he finally gets the guts to just spit it out Ed gets his head turned by a familiar face.

Booking Notes

  • Valerie is utterly unimpressed by Jim’s…Jimness and it’s hilarious.
  • Jim’s ladies have only slightly better odds than Sam Winchesters. Yeah, they’re all alive but I’d say they’re sanity is questionable.
  • The child they found to play Luke looks like a mini-version of Oswald. Hee.

We end with Jim’s trust issues leading to a tragedy and both Harvey and Barnes trying to make him realize he doesn’t have to do everything alone. On the one hand they’re right, had he trusted them to help things might not have gone as poorly as they did. On the other hand, the last authority figure Jim trusted was Theo Galavan so….

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