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Updating an Arcade Classic the Right Way

It’s not often that we at PCU talk about mobile games, and when we do, it’s usually things like my rant about celebrity-centric games that are just put out for marketing purposes. However, something came to our attention this week that we, as fans of classic games, were pretty excited about.

Galaga Wars was released this week for Android & iOS. This mobile game has taken the original arcade shooter that could be found in arcades & kid-friendly pizza joints EVERYWHERE in the 80s, and turned it up to eleven as a frenetic survival shooter. It’s…pretty amazing.

Lest you think that an update to this awesome piece of 80s arcade nostalgia would involve too many changes, fret not. You still play as a spaceship fighting insectoid alien creatures. You can still break your captive ship(s) free of the aliens’ grasp, effectively making your ship twice as powerful. A few of the enemy waves still even harken back to the original setup from the arcade. Remembering where one comes from is key in making a great update to such a memorable piece of our childhoods.

So what has been updated, you ask? Well, let’s examine. Power-ups have been added to the playing field, which allow for more versatility in gameplay. The player ship is also not stuck simply moving left & right at the bottom of the screen, but can now move in 360 degrees. There’s also the ability to upgrade your ship and fight against multiple different waves of enemies, and my favorite thing here: massive boss battles. Who doesn’t love going up against a giant boss after fighting their way through hordes of minions?? Take a look at some of the cool gameplay, and revel in the memories of your childhood(s).

Now, there are some in-app purchase “opportunities”, and ads to watch in order to earn in-game loot, but the basic game is totally worth those minor inconveniences.

Galaga Wars can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store (Android) or on the App Store (iOS).

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