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Supernatural S12:E3 Recap

This episode puts the Winchester family (minus Cas) through the emotional ringer as Cas and Crowley go on a Lucifer hunting road trip.

We get a good old fashioned Winchester hunting trip with Mary joining the boys for a locked room mystery. Unfortunately, this particular case brings up a ton of issues for the family in general – and Mary in particular. As much as she and Dean want her transition back to the land of the living to be smooth, there really was no chance of that happening. Mary died in 1983. The world has changed in leaps and bounds in the last twenty plus years on the technology front alone. The fact that her children – who last she remembered were four years and six months old – are not only grown, but have followed in her footsteps is not helping.

Meanwhile, Cas and Crowley team up, much to Cas’ chagrin, to hunt down Lucifer. What they find instead is Rowena, who has had it up to here with all of this. Between Crowley pulling her back into the fray and Lucifer kidnapping her in last week’s episode, she is utterly done. Especially once she gets confirmation that Lucifer plans to basically make her his indentured servant until the end of time. Rowena dispatches his arse with the quickness and lets the boys know that while she has no desire to be involved with their shenanigans, if they need her to help take Lucifer out once and for all she’s down.

Book Of Lore

  • The doomed couple at the top of the hour are at least smart enough to call 911 before they went into the creepy house.
  • Castiel and Mary’s bonding is so sweet.
  • Sam coming to the slow, horrifying realization that Dean is Mary personality wise is friggin’ hilarious and the two of them throwing all the shade at Sam’s hair (all the shade) made my night.
  • I will never get enough of Mary and Rowena handing out arse whoopings to the unsuspecting fools who cross them, either magically or physically. It’s the best.

The episode ends with Mary making a choice that’s not only going to have long term ramifications throughout the season, but also put her directly in the line of fire of the BMOL. It’s only a matter of time before all of this comes to a head.

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