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Supernatural S12:E2 Recap

There are easier ways to make friends.

Mamma Mia

The British Men Of Letters, at least in the form of Lady Toni Bevell, remain absolute monsters. Since outright torture didn’t work, she takes to mind-rape in the form of spell work and drugs. So yeah. The BMOL are gross AF. However Sam doesn’t crack, even going so far as to break the spell with the power of his big brain and pure spite. Toni falls back on torture, but gets a call from one of her fellow BMOL, seems Torture Spice has gone far, far off script: she was supposed to make contact with Sam and Dean and float an alliance between them and the BMOL, in hopes of resurrecting the American branch. Instead she and Ms Watt went in assuming the Winchesters wouldn’t listen, and with some deeply ingrained anti-supernatural prejudices, so they decided to go with torture first, questions later. Now the BMOL version of the boogie man is on his way and Toni looks scared as hell. Oops?

Meanwhile Mary and Dean continue the world’s most awkward road trip in search of Sam. Dean is hilariously inept when it comes to Mary, begging for Cas to help him (Cas has no clue where to even begin with that), and underestimating her competency as a hunter. While he knows intellectually what she’s capable of and has seen her in action, it means nothing because this version of Mary is his mom. It’s adorable.  

Speaking of moms: Rowena is back, though not by choice. Crowley blackmails her into helping him take out Lucifer. Rowena just wants to retire to Boca Raton with a billionaire and is one hundred percent not down with this mess. Their mother-son relationship is shaky as hell when blackmail isn’t involved, so I don’t see it getting better with this new layer of B.S. on top of it.

Book Of Lore

  • Dean looks so much like both versions of Mary, it’s startling. The casting department is on point.
  • Mary going on about what a great father John was, and watching Dean’s face as he tries desperately not to tell her what John became in the wake of her death is heartbreaking.
  • I repeat that if the Toni seriously thinks Dean isn’t going to come for her, she has another think coming.
  • If Sam was John’s child to the core, no matter how much they would both deny it, Dean is totally Mary in male form. We saw hints of this in previous Mary episodes, but it’s so utterly clear that Dean’s personality comes from her it’s insane, and unfortunately explains so much of why John pushed him away.

Suffice to say we’re only on episode two and it’s already lit as f**k in this piece, between the MOL, the Winchesters reunited and the war for hell about to take shape because Lucifer’s finally chosen a new vessel and that vessel? …is pretty badass.

Five out of Five Angelic Wards

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